Written by Lustyboy

15 Jul 2017

My 1st ever encounter was a couple of years back when i stayed in a well known mining town.

So i saw the add online for the couple looking for a single male.we chatted and after pics the lady wanted to meet me asap.so we met in a parking lot amd i drove off with them.

We chatted and so on and her boyfriend said he dunno but they dont usually do anything in the 1st meet.

We stopped and i got 6 beer .offered them but they said no.so soon the lady said let see if we can get a nice spot somewhere outside.

We stopped at their home and got a blanket.so off we drove to search a spot.none of us where very excited as we knw getting a spot on short notice is not easy.so we drove into farm roads outside the town and no luck

We drove into an old road that was closed and not used for many years.also you won't see other people there.we entered the field till we found long grass and 2 trees

Opened the blanket up and she stared kissing and rubbing me while her boyfriend was undressing.she undressed me and started sucking on me and kissing me.here boyfriend then started undressing her totally and started to play with her wet pussy.he also gave here a good suck.so she got ontop of me and started to ride me hard,het boyfriend told me to touch her all over while we busy.

I came in het pussy and she then Gave me a bj while I play and feel her all over.

She then left me and jumped onto her boyfriend and rode him like a horse.he then gave her some oral and we got dressed and left.the dropped me off saying the will be in touch.but I lost phones and telephone nrs and the disappeared from the site

It was very nice but we did not have enough time to get a proper session in