Written by LickSuck69.

01 Nov 2016

While living in Hillbrow, during my mid twenty's clubbing was very much part of me. From the Chelsea and the Crest in the west, to The Bella Nopoli and the Summit Club in the north, the Hilton Plaza and the Moulin Rouge in the south, and the Skyline in the west and all the others in between. The club scene ran between Kotze and Pretoria Streets, seen the flashing light and the music, while walking the street to decide which club should be.

The flashing lights of a swing and the name Swinging Galore in bright Red and Blue lights catches my eye, thinking " That's the club for me." Crossing the street, standing at the entrance on top of the steps looking in, seen people in the dimly lit club dancing really tickles my fancy. Paying my entrance at the door, getting my stamp on my hand, I slowly walk down the steps , making my appearance.

The club is full of couples, single men and women, dancing and lounging around on the seat around the tables and the walls. I take a seat at the end of the bar and order my self a G & T. Sipping on my drink, I start talking to the two ladies next to me, they introduce themselves as Mandy and Leslie. The chatting leads to smiling, laughing and dancing. While dancing with both of them my eye catches a couple sitting on the couch in the dimly lit corner, hardly talking to each other, not even taking once to the dance floor, wondering why do they come to the club if the not going to enjoy themselves. Forgetting about them and enjoying my night with the two ladies, dancing into the late hours of the night and early hours of the morning, it reaches close to three, Mandy and Leslie thank me for the enjoyable time they had, and made for the door. With two seats open next to me and not many people left in the club, contemplating should I stay or leave as well. While sipping on my G & T, my eye catches the sight of a lady dressed in a sexy body fit pink dress walking in my direction, Thinking " she must be off to ladies," she stops at the bar and orders two drinks, smiling at me she says hello I am Penelope but my friends call me Penny, I return the complement by saying my name is Peter but my friends call me LickSuck. Taking her two drinks she returns to the table in the corner and speaks to the man who was sitting with her. The music starts up a gain, she gets up and comes across and asks if I would like to dance with her, I duly accept and we take to the dance floor, dancing and talking, we start to form a friendship, the music gets to a slow beat and she grabs me round the neck and we start shuffling on the dance floor, Penny pulling her body closer to mine, after a few songs the music come to an end and we leave the dance floor. Penny asks if I would like to join them at their table, not having any one to talk too, I accept her invite and join Penny and Hennie, which was her husband. After chatting for a while and finding out more about each other, Penny gets up and goes to the ladies, Hennie asks me what do I think of the club and Penny, not quiet sure how to answer, I said to night is my first visit to the club and quiet enjoyed myself. Hennie looks at me and says would you like to go with Penny, cause she said she would really like to go with me. Penny returns and puts her arms around my neck, biting on my ear, she whispers in my ear, I would really like to make love to you, looking very surprised at her, I put my arm around her and can feel she has taken her panty off, putting her arm over my shoulder Penny, feels my cock, which was starting to get erect, Penny whispers in my ear again, lets go make love........ Fuck........... Penny looking at Hennie, Hennie says lets go to our apartment and take Peter with for you. The three of us get up walk up the steps, exiting the club, cross the street, with Penny walking in the middle hanging on to both Hennie and my necks, the apartment is just two blocks from the club in Quartz Street. On entering the block, we enter the lift and go to the fourteenth floor. Penny can't wait, she starts kissing me like crazy, forcing her tongue into my mouth and rubbing her sexy body against mine, rubbing her very horny pussy against my cock, Hennie lifts her dress and says Peter what do you think about this pussy, unable to control myself any more I just grab Penny's pussy with my hand, rubbing her very moist lips and clit, speeding up the rubbing the more Penny starts screaming and trying to climb up the walls of the lift. Finally the door opens, Hennie gets out walking to the apartment to unlock the door, Leaving Penny and I still going wild in the lift. On opening the door Hennie calls Penny come I want to see more. Horny as hell both of us leave the lift and enter the apartment, Penny pulls off her dress throwing it to the floor, she pulls down my Jeans and shirt , both standing totally starkers, Penny starts working on my cock first with her hands, then with her tongue and finally into her mouth it goes, sucking on my cock with all her might and biting on the shaft, until I can't take it any more and I explode my cum in her mouth. Opening her mouth slightly let the cum rundown her chin on to her breasts, she starts rubbing the cum all over her body, falling on her back on the bed, I start working on Penny's very wet pussy with my tongue, firstly very lightly with the tip of my tongue, along the lips and into the grove, causing Penny to scream and push my head against her pussy.Feeling the warm of her pussy, just caused me to go wild and force my tongue deeper and deeper into her pussy, until I feel Penny orgasm again. Hennie then shouts out Penny aren't you going to let Peter fuck you, you know I like watching other men fucking you like the slut I want you to be. Penny the pulls my body on top of hers and starts working my cock to get it erect again, by rubbing her pussy against it. Finally my cock is hard as a rock again, slowly slipping into her pussy, first only half way in, then deeper and deeper until it's completely in. Rhythmically we start to fuck slowly up and down we go, faster and faster we go, screaming like two wild cats on hot tin roof, fucking and fucking until we reach a crescendo and we both explode with cum and love juice all over our bodies.. ...found out Hennie got more excitement out of watching other men fuck Penny Than him fucking her and Penny used the opportunity to fuck any man of her fancy. We remained fuck buddies until I left Hillbrow after living there more than ten years.