09 Jan 2018

The silly season had come and gone in more ways than one. My lady friend Joanne who had spent Christmas with me , had returned to Gauteng, and it was the first weekend of the new year. All people had made their New Year Resolutions, either to be as good as gold or as naughty as the devil, which ever one they wanted to be. Resolutions were never for me, because they normally lasted a day or two. Sitting on the patio of my home, sipping on a glass of red wine watching the setting sun, disappearing behind the back drop of a mountain in the distance, and wondering what the new year will bring for me. The sun had finally set and the evening was getting ready to be explored by me. Not quiet sure what the night had in store for me, I sipped on another glass of wine, which started to make me all horny again, so I decided lets go to the club in Table View which was frequented by single men and women or married couples, some who were friends of mine.

While driving on my way to the club, I kept wondering who would be there this Saturday evening. On arriving at the club, the parking lot was rather empty, with just a few cars scattered here and there. I thought seen that I am here I might as well go in, to have a quick drink before I hit the road again. On entering the club, there seemed to be more patrons than there were cars parked outside, and there were patrons who seemed to recognize me, because they smiled towards me. On ordering my drink, I took a seat on a stool at the bar, as I had no intention to stay to long. Sipping on my drink I noticed there was an Asian couple sitting at a table for two opposite me. They seemed to be regular patrons at the club as I had seen them there before. They seemed to recognize me as well, and they kept looking in my direction and whispering every now and then, that I could not hear what they had to say.I found the lady quite attractive looking, with long black shiny hair, and large eyes, and a beautiful olive skin. While still sipping on my drink and thinking I would not mind to join them for a chat, the husband got up and walked over to the bar to get a drink for his wife and himself. After ordering their drinks, he walked over in my direction, and said " do you like curry ", looking bemused at him I said, " I am game for anything indeed. " Smiling he pick up the two drinks and returned to the table where his wife was sitting. On taking his seat he whispered to his wife again, and she looked directly in my direction, and started laughing. Knowing all to well what kind of people visited the club, as I had, had quite a few swinging experiences at the club before, I returned a smile in her direction. They both returned a smile towards me. All of us sipping on or drinks, they both kept looking in my direction, and laughing. On completing their drinks they got up as to leave, when they walked over towards me and said would you like to join us in the car park, and see where it leads. They exited the club while I took the last two sips of my drink. On exiting the club, I saw they were standing at a car that was not to far from mine. I walked over to my car, the two of them walked over in my direction, and introduced themselves to me. He was Raj and she was Shane'. I introduced myself as Billy.Shane' then said, " Billy so at last I have got the chance to talk to you." Raj looking at Shane', said, " Shane' you always wanted to do him so here is your chance in the new year." Looking at the two of them, and me already horny, I said to Shane', " I find you very attractive, with naughty eyes as well. Shane' then hugged me and whispered, " would you like to do me down by the sea. "

Raj then interrupted Shane', and said Billy would you like to join Shane' on the beach to give you a blowjob, while you finger fuck her while I take a video of the two of you. Not quite sure if this was a trap or not, Raj said to me, " Billy I can see you feel a bit nervous about the whole situation, so would you like to do it in the car while I watch the two of you." Shane' then grabbed hold of my cock with her one hand, while my hand was under her dress, and I could feel she had no panty on, and her pussy lips were nice and wet. While still holding my cock with her hand, Shane' pleaded, " Please Billy lets go to the sea." Raj, then said, " Shane' you take him to the sea, while I wait for you. Raj then returned to the bar while Shane' and I drove down to the beach in my car. Shane' could hardly wait for us to reach the beach, she had my trousers open and my cock in her mouth, one,two,three. Sucking on my cock and her one hand playing with her already wet pussy, we reached the beach, finding a parking far from any lights or people in the vicinity, we parked the car, off went the lights, Shane' opened her side door, jumped out and said, come lets go and play in the sand. Both of us out the car, we walked onto the sand, with my cock still out of my trousers, it wasn't long before Shane' was on her knees, sucking on my cock, and her finger fucking her pussy. With my cock in her mouth and my hands behind her head, I started to mouth fuck Shane', first slowly, then deeper into her mouth and faster and faster, until I finally shot my load of warm sticky cum into the back of her mouth. Shane' still horny as hell and still finger fucking her pussy, I pulled out her fingers, licked them clean, and said know is my turn to suck on your pussy, dropping to my knees, I started to suck on Shane' pussy, causing her to scream and push my face deeper into her pussy, with no way out I ferociously started to suck on her pussy, more and more, causing Shane' to get on to the tips of her toes, and her screaming, it's me, and squirts all over my face. On returning to the car, I took out a towel from the trunk of my car for Shane' to towel down her legs and pussy,and her to towel down my face and cock . On returning to the car park at the club, Raj was waiting for us at his car, coming over to my car, and Shane' still holding my cock, Raj said, hopefully next time we will video the fun at the sea. Shane' bent over and gave my cock one last suck, before saying hopefully we play next weekend. Will have to wait and see.