Written by Anonymous

15 Apr 2020

Written through both J & C's eyes, what a Wednesday night in their house could be ;)

J: You cannot wait to get home and change into something more comfortable, the casual formal dress code at your new work, just doesn't work for you. You drive up to the house, hoping that there is something yummy for dinner, it was just one of those days. You walk up to the house, walk in and close the door. Silence.... You don't hear me, it's dead quiet and you start to wonder. You call me, and for a moment a brief silence, before you here me.

C: "Hi! I'm in the dining room, dinner is ready, come get it."

J: You sigh, you really wanted to shower and change before dinner, but before it get's cold. You walk through to the dining room, wondering what I made for dinner, there is no dinner smell. You walk into the dining room and you're caught completely off guard.

C: I hear you walking, take a deep breath and try not to giggle. i know how much you're going to love this, and I know what a long day you've had. I hear you approach me, closer and closer. You're about to come around the corner and I inhale sharply and wait to see you.

J: There you are, laying on the table in black thigh high stockings and a silk black robe. Nothing else. Your elbow propped up underneath you, just so that I can have a stare that those beautiful and inviting breasts. I have no idea what to do or what to say, I stand there staring. My thoughts are broken by your voice.

C: "And here I thought you would rush to dinner." I say and start to giggle and you're ogling me. I already see your pants start to bulge out, and can imagine you have no idea where to start. "Come sit on your seat." I say, my feet pointing to the head of the table, where you always sit. You move as if you're on auto pilot, you sit down and stare. I bite my lip, loving the control I have over you in this moment of time, loving how you are appreciating every single part of my body right now. Wanting me more than you thought you could on an average Wednesday evening. I sit up and move a little closer to you, my feet on either knee, pushing my legs open, your eyes dart down. The sparkle in your eye as you admire the wetness between my legs, knowing that waiting for you has turned me on more than anything else. I straighten my back and my tits bounce a little, drawing your gaze to them, and some of the marks your mouth left the weekend before. "How was your day?" I casually ask while unbuttoning two of your buttons, giving you some air to breath. You don't reply, still in shock, I giggle again. "I've had a very long day at home, so bored and no idea what I was going to do or going to make for dinner. So I thought tonight you could have your favourite..." As I say it, I lean back, place my feet on either shoulder and spread myself open. You moan and I swear your pants almost tear.

J: "FUCK" is all I can think as you open up your legs and your warm, wet pussy is inviting my lips in. I know you're playing a game and you're going to make me wait for it, make me drool and push me over the edge, until I can have you. You've taught me to wait, to wait for the tease, to be teased and to enjoy the build up. But I still don't love it as much as you do, but I love seeing you get off on torturing me with your sexiness. I want to dive and and devour you, I want to have you begging for my cock - which is about the tear through my pants - I want to feel everything around us fade away. I close my eyes and get ready for the tease you are about to take me on, not knowing if my pants will survive the ordeal.

C: I see you close your eyes, and my foot moves down your chest and your eyes open up again. My hands move down my thighs, closer to my warm, wet spot, but the build up has been so long, waiting for you, my inner thighs are wet. We lock eyes as I'm about to feel how wet the anticipation has made me. Something you've always loved, my ability to soak anything once the anticipation was enough, once I've built up the tension, once I've gotten to the point where I might just tear off my own clothes. I moan softly as i feel my fingers get wet, your mouth opens a little, almost wanting to taste. My one hand is now slowly sliding up and down my slit, teasing my clit with every up slide, and teasing you with every down slide. My other hand grips my inner thigh a little, trying to restrain myself from just diving in completely. You slightly move forward, but I firmly push you back and telling you it's not dinner time yet.

J: There are no thoughts running through my mind, only a want to taste you, to pleasure you. I feel your feet keeping me firmly in place, firmly out of reach, but we both know that when I want to, I will have you. Your hand starts to massage your very sensitive clit, and your legs quiver. Your little sweet spot, your weakness and my favourite part to nibble. The grip on your thigh gets stronger, telling me where you are right now, your close to releasing me from my torture. Your fingers slip in, and slowly slide in and out. I hear myself gasp, hearing just how wet and turned on you are, this is it, I am going to tear the pants! I start to unbuckle, quickly looking down and then I hear your sweet voice.

C: "Do you want to taste?" I ask you, briefly distracted by your pants. You immediately look up as my hand is semi stretch out in front of you. Just as you're about to move forward, I pull my hand back and smear my juices over my lips. You try to get up again, and again i push you down. I know how over the edge it drives you, to watch me taste myself. I hear you mumble, probably not very happy, I giggle and my tongue moves over my lips. Lapping up my juices, I moan softly and tell you how sweet I taste. I can see the frustration on your face, I'm pushing you tonight, pushing your patience, but you know how turned on I get when I get to tease you.

J: "This woman is going to kill me." I think to myself, offering me a taste and then taking it back. That sneaky smirk appears across your face and I know you're up to no good. From behind you, you pull out your dildo. "Yes, today I am going to lose it." You slide the head up and down your very wet slit, I can hear it and it's right in my face. I grip the end of the table, biting my lip and will try to bear it a little longer. I see how hard you rub the head on your clit every time you slide up, I'm sure it's feeling like it's vibrating, something you always tell me. Your head tilts back, I know what is coming. You grab the bottom of the dildo, and slide it into your wet pussy. I moan, you moan and I grab hold onto the table harder, wanting you. You're putting on the show of a lifetime for me, slowly pleasuring yourself with this toy, showing me just how wet you are.

C: I'm ready for you, I'm ready for you to take me. I want to have you fill me up inside, feeling the hard grip of your hands around my hips and your your lips on my skin. A thought crosses my mind, which will drive you over the edge. "I think I should stick this guy to the table and ride him." I say with a smirk on my face.

J: "Fuck this!" I jump up, pull you down and flip you over! You giggle, sneaky woman, knowing just what to say to send me over the edge. I give your ass a good smack, making you gasp and moan in one. I know you're waiting for me to fill you up, this is what you want, this is what you need and what I need. I run my hands down your body, and up again. You're laying bent over the table, ready for me, your body almost begging. I grab your hair and pull you up, again you moan, and my one hand wraps around your body moving down, while the other holds your face. I know you can feel my hard, dripping cock just about your bum. You push your bum up a little, your body begging for it, knowing you're too stubborn to ask right now. I kiss your neck, softly sucking and nibbling. Blowing hot air where I've just licked, before moving to another spot, your moans are long and drawn out. My other hand has reached your dripping wet pussy, my finger lightly brushes over your lips. Your toes curl, the tease is now too much for you, but again you're too stubborn to say anything and giggle. "Do you want me to fill you up?" You giggle again, still too stubborn. I bite your neck and push you down onto the table and you automatically spread your legs for me.


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