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21 Feb 2017

Would you let me massage you?


2 minute read

Using warm oils to coat your body. Kneading my hands into your shoulders. Running them up and down your arms, promoting circulation. Pressing the palms of my hands into your calves and thighs. Using the flat part of my forearm on your back. Touching your skin. Kneading all the knots out of your neck, working my thumbs up and down your spine I would be cheeky, and push my hands under your towel. Squeezing at your ass. Trying to gauge if you were receptive. Maybe you werent, and Id withdraw. Maybe you were and Id move forward. But not yet.. Its time to flip, front up. Id start at your ankles and get a fresh handful of oil. Running my hands up and down your shins, to your knee. Then from the knee to your thigh. Again respecting the towel, Id proceed no further. Moving to your stomach, working my finger tips into your skin. Ignoring your glorious breasts, for now. Using the edges of my outer hand to work up your sides, pulling your arms straight out and working up and down from each of your shoulders to your hands. Squeezing your palms. My hands would work circles around your nipples, not daring to touch. But paying careful attention to them. Do they grow harder as I touch you? Are you becoming aroused? My hands circle up the center of your torso pressing on your sternum and more gently towards your neck. Pressing at the ridges of your collarbones. Id lift your head gently to massage gently the underside of your neck. My groin at face level. Do your eyes open to look? If they do you will see that I cant hide my arousal. I would be standing at attention and bursting from my pants. Would you do anything about it? From this vantage point I would lean forward, brushing your face. I would disrespect the towel and thrust my hand forward. I would squeeze. My middle finger sliding up and down between your slit. My index finger and ring finger squeezing inward, adding pressure as my middle finger curls inside you. I twitch it quickly in and out. Pressing for your g-spot. Pressing inside you. The palm of my hand is rubbing against your clit. Can you feel it? Are you going to cum? Do you want me in your mouth, do you want me somewhere else? My fingers work deeper into you, thrusting in and out with vigor. I lean forward and crawl atop you. I want to taste you. My tongue flicks your clit. You moan your approval.... Cum for me..... Cum for me..

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