02 May 2016

It was summer and hot, the heat made the air dry. Faith was at home getting things ready for the pool party later that night. The kids were away so it meant that after the party her hubby and her would have a party of their own! The heat was getting worse her thin summer dress did her sexy body justice, the way it hanged over her smooth skin and if u looked close enough u could see her well fitted black bikini under! Drake had taken the day off and was out getting the party stuff while his lovely lady got the entertainment area sorted out. The place looked beautiful,pink and baby blue cushions tables with blue overlays and pink roses on the tables. The scent of the vineyard wine turned everything to life even more. Faith was excited she loved parties anything to show of her skills in throwing one. Drakes been gone a while so Faith was getting worked up ....she often did. Happy to have him back ...they get stuff organised for the evening. He's immediately distracted by her movements oh that dress was gorgeous on her. Drake the type of guy that liked taking what he wanted. was not long before he pulled her closer to feel his lovely lady up. Naughty boy she said. ...people will be arriving soon! Let them wait he explained has he started kissing her.....wait Drake you know we can't now! He didn't take kindly to her No's. Already pulling down on her summer dress and those two piece black bikini don't stand a chance now he said. ...smiling has he threw her on the cushions. They were outside in plain sight of the blue sky and the burning sun. Drake was more turned on by the idea he liked being bad. Kisses got intense ....her bikini was soon on the floor. Going down on his Lady her screams got louder as sucked her wet pussy. Oh he could not wait to slide his hard cock into her wet pussy. Has he did pushing deep and hard in to her heavenly dripping wet pussy that he so loved sucking her juices. He pounded her hard turning her over has he loved riding her wild ....she screamed has his thrusts got harder ....they were sweating dripping wet. Biting and sucking on her neck and rubbing on her clit and cock deep inside her .....he had her coming over and over again sending him into a earth shattering orgasm. They both just lay there catching their breath and Faith looking at Drake said u dirty boy......he grabbed her tit to give it a suck and looked at her to say ....always babe!