Written by AngeliqueB

25 Mar 2014

There are times that I just want to take your head and literally bash it against the wall, you make me so dam angry! You do not listen to what I say and I mean, listen! Do you actually care and hear what it is that I say? Or are you just being obstinate and have you already made up your mind? I am really not keen to debate or argue about this anymore, because we are now just talking in circles as far as I am concerned, so I am going to go to bed.....

At what stage in this rather loud conversation, did you realise that I am merely arguing, purely to let off steam? This, for all the little things that went wrong during my very long day today (being late for work this morning as I had nothing to wear, with a cupboard full of clothes; traffic making me even later for a very important meeting; endless issues thereafter at work and then, still having to come home to where you were also on my case. Shit, I know my car needs a service!) Why then does it feel like you are purposefully pushing my buttons, to the point that you actually want me to turn around, with my eyes blazing be-jewelled daggers at you, breasts heaving and for me to say to your face.....

You know what, Fuck You!

Well, with that epitaph hardly out of my at times bitchy mouth, you get that look on your face where, for an instant, I did not know whether to run away from you or towards you. So I stand my ground and watch, as you purposefully walk up to me and oh so arrogantly say....

Yes Please.

Ceremoniously grabbing me around my waist and bending your head, you give me a punishing kiss with your hard pursed mouth. Determined not to give in, I keep mine closed. Together with the pressure of your lips and your persistent tongue, the biting of your hands into my flesh, it does not take me long to realise that you mean business. I, however, will not back off either; nor will I allow myself to succumb so easily, especially not when I am now really pissed at you you do not fight fair!

You feel my persistent resolve to remain chaste and so you heighten your onslaught on my mouth; your one hand moves to capture a breast beneath the chiffon of my work blouse and the other finds its way my thigh. It is so difficult to stop my mouth from opening to permit yours access or for me not to lean forward into your hand. I step back to try and widen the distance between us and give myself some kind of an advantage, but you follow and continue walking forward pushing me in reverse, until I feel the cold wall up against my back. I am trapped between painted plaster and what I can feel is becoming increasingly hard, pressing into my tummy. I am struggling to think straight now, as your tongue forces it way into my mouth and finds mine; your one hand tired of the material in its way, pulls up the blouse and moves my bra cup out of the way. My nipple is already hard from both anger and building desire and you pinch it gently, to increase the sensation. My gasp excites you and in response, your other hand reaches down, finding the hem of my skirt and hitches it up until it is around my waist.

With the weight of your mouth on mine and your body against me, pinning me in place, you continue to remove what vestiges of my clothing are in the way of your hands and my anger, slowly dissipates, to be replaced by an over whelming need to be possessed, even ravished. No longer caring that you are gaining the upper hand in this fight, my one hand grabs a fistful of your hair bringing your mouth down harder on mine and the other blatantly searches for you in the front of your jeans, now straining against a bulge that is begging for reprieve. The stirring between my legs is making it increasingly difficult for me to stand still in one place and my underwear is wantonly damp. Frantic now, both of us, with the combination of lust and pent-up frustration, release the lock we have on each others mouths to look at one another. What I see knocks the breath out of me completely. Your eyes are dark and burning with suppressed passion and my resolve to resist you any further melts in the heat of your gaze. Still looking at me, you find yourself now hard and throbbing in my hand and lifting me at the waist with your free arm, your legs bracing to take both our weight, you literally ram your enraged length into my wet, yet possibly still unwelcoming warmth.

You do not hurt me, but you have driven home your point with the subtleness of a gentleman but the character of a rogue, bent on retribution for being disrespected. You stop at the peak of your thrust to make sure that I am alright and when I close my eyes to your penetrating gaze, you know you have just won this time! The continued movements of your hips into mine with such raw intensity, your mouth in my neck with now loving reassurance and both your arms beneath mine providing you the leverage you need to maintain our position, brings us both to a simultaneous orgasm that leaves nail marks through your shirt into your shoulder and our moans, respectfully muffled by the music you had the insight to put on earlier. I feel trickles of sweat trail down between my breasts and down my sides; sexual moisture runs down the inside of my thighs as you withdraw but you continue to lean against me until our heartbeats and breathing return to normal. Eventually, you settle me back down onto my feet making sure I am steady, before you let me go.

Stepping back you take your fill of my dishevelled appearance but meekly glowing face and now bright eyes and you have the audacity to wink at me. My heart skips another beat and I quietly say Ok, I will see to having my car serviced in the morning as I turn to walk up the passage to our bedroom.