30 Jan 2017

My wife and I have actively practiced nudism without being aware of such a term, we got used to spending most of times nude in the house ( in the absence of our kids) with all freedom expressed in our bedroom especially bcoz our kids are allowed.

We had friends come over our house over the festive season since our kids were not around. We had a good time popping the drinks until l my wife had enough n had to go to bed while I entertainmend our guest just before they left.

Entering our bedroom I found my wife lying supine with her legs wide open and fast asleep. It's dat kind of view every man wdnt mind seeing any day, without any waste of time I dropped my pants and went for her slowly......... sucked her slowly not to wake her up until she became wet. Did all my staff gently not to awaken my Angel..... Wen it was time I entered from the back thrusting back n forth until a point were she woke up with words that said GO DEEPER baby...

Being nude has changed our sex life and we are very keen on join a nudist club any one with info hook us up