Written by Pixieangel

06 Jun 2015

It’s Friday. She’s sitting at home not doing much. She hears the beep of a message received on her computer. She goes to have a look and it’s a message from her favourite Chat Buddy who lives interstate.

The Message Reads: “I hope you’re not doing anything in 2 hours time as you will need to come and pick me up from the airport. I am about to board a plane and I’m heading your way. Be standing in the arrivals lounge holding a sign with my name on it so I know it’s you. See you soon.”

She can’t believe her eyes. Surely he’s kidding and playing around with her. She goes to send him her reply to realise he has gone off line. What if he is not kidding around? She dare not take the chance and not turn up at the airport. She runs around the house getting ready, making her self presentable to meet her Chat Buddy for the first time face to face. She puts on the perfect outfit to show off every part of her body which he loves; her ample bosoms’ and her shapely thighs.

She can hardly concentrate on the road as she is driving. Her excitement builds as she gets closer and closer to the airport. She hopes he will not be disappointed in the girl he sees standing in front of him. The girl that craves him is in need of his touch, to have him with her in the same city.

Concentrate you are nearly there. Find a parking spot nice and close so you can get out of there quickly. She takes a deep breath in, checks herself in the car review mirror one more time, grabs her sign and gets out of her car.

She checks the arrivals board and nervously makes her way to the arrivals gate. She selects a seat where she can clearly see the people walking up the arrivals ramp. Her heart is racing. She nervously starts tapping her foot. She is starting to doubt herself. C’mon you’ll be fine she tells herself. You talk all the time via chat, sometimes every day, for hours and hours at times. You know each other. Yes not in the physical sense. But seriously, woman calm down. It’s not like you are meeting a stranger. You know him. You feel comfortable with him.

The time is getting closer and closer for his plane to touch down. You quickly race to the bathroom to give yourself a final once over - all good. You take up the same seat and you can see a plane starting to dock in at the arrival gate. Oh crap, take a deep deep breath. How can you be excited, aroused, scared and nervous all at the same time?

The passengers are starting to exit the plane and make their way up the ramp. She thinks, or hopes she can recognise him before he approaches her so she can steady herself. Her reaction when she sees him will certainly be on full view of everyone in the arrivals lounge.

She sees a tall gentleman. He is impeccably dressed in a business suit and carrying a laptop bag and some hand luggage. She is sure it’s him. He is smiling at her; she is sure it’s him because truly her heart is racing as he is making his way towards her. She was right. He walks straight up to her and says “well hello beautiful”. She can’t help it as she squeals in delight, drops the sign and throws her arms around his neck and hugs him tight. He returns her embrace and they stand there like that for only seconds but to her it feels like hours.

They stop embracing and look at each other. He then kisses her, holds her against him as he kisses her slowly and passionately. They stop kissing and he looks at her and says ”we really need to leave now otherwise I am going to become very ungentlemanly and fuck you right here right now. I want to bend you over those chairs and plunge my hard cock deep inside your pussy. Fuck you doggy style like I know you want to be fucked’. She says “then we better hurry up and leave because I would let you do exactly that”.

They quickly make their way out of the airport to her car. She puts his bags in the boot. He grabs her and pushes her against the car. He kisses her and presses himself up against her body. She can feel his erection pressing into her pussy. She slides her hands down his back, cups his arse and pushes him into her even closer. His hand runs up her inner thigh, his fingers make their way up to her nice wet pussy. He parts her lips with his fingers and moans at the wetness he finds. He gently slides two fingers along her pussy. She asks him to put 2 fingers inside of her. He says “no you have to wait to feel any part of me inside of you”.

He takes off his jacket and tie and gets into the passenger seat. She looks at him asks him too unbutton his shirt a little, she wants to see his naked flesh, be teased by what she will be touching, caressing when they get back to her place. He does as she asks; he leans over and slides a hand up her inner thigh again. He kisses her gently on the lips. His hand goes higher and higher. She parts her legs so he can touch her pussy. He brushes his fingers between her legs. He parts her pussy lips and slides two fingers along her open pussy. She lets out a moan of pleasure at his touch. He kisses her lips harder. He slides the other hand inside her top and gently squeezes her right breast. Her nipples are erect as she is so aroused.

She says to him “if you don’t stop I am going to insist we get into the back seat so I can suck your cock”. He shakes his head “then I guess we had better leave now then because the only place I’ll be letting you suck my cock is at home”.

He teases her all the way back to her place. Touching her thigh and gently squeezing. His fingers keep travelling up to her pussy, brushing over her lips. She went to touch his cock, his hard erect cock that is so evident in his pants; every time he gently grabs her hand places it back onto the steering wheel and says to her “concentrate on the road”. She just smiles at him and responds with “Yes Boss”.

Finally they have arrived at her place. She looks at him. She is thinking now he is in for a world of wonderful, erotic, sexual adult fun. As he retrieves his bags from the boot she walks ahead and unlocks the back sliding door. She turns toward him as he enters and as she was about to grab him he gets in first. Grabs her, kisses her, starts walking her over to the couch. He lies her down and lies atop of her. She grabs him as they continue to kiss. He stops and looks at her and says “finally I am going to have you my way, the way I have always wanted and fantasised about”. He kisses her on the neck, she groans in pleasure, he knows how much she would like that.

He is in more control than she. By now she would be between his legs sucking his cock. She can sense that he will be ‘The Boss’. He is going to be the one who decides what they will do and how they will fuck – she will relish every second of losing complete control over to him. She will surrender herself to him. She is his to pleasure himself and her in the way he wants too. He will take his time drinking in every inch of her body. He will kiss her from top to toe, touch her, pleasure her and himself.

He continues to kiss her on the neck. His hand is up her top caressing her breasts. He lifts up her top and licks one of her erect nipples. She moans in pleasure of feeling his slick tongue on her body. He takes it off. He caresses one boob whilst his mouth devours the other one. He pushes her boobs together and runs his tongue down her cleavage. Her breathing quickens and she is moving her hips so she can rub her pussy up against his crotch. He looks at her and she can tell he likes to feel her rubbing her pussy against him.

He runs his tongue down her stomach. He skips past her pussy (teaser) and opens her legs wider and plants sensual soft kisses up her inner thighs. She can’t wait to feel his tongue glide up her pussy; lick her between her pussy lips. She wants to feel his tongue on her now very swollen clit. She hears him moan, he looks at her and makes his way back up to her lips and kisses her again. She can’t take it anymore. She is close to begging him to lick her pussy, to make her cum with his tongue caressing her clit.

She grabs his face and looks at him. She didn’t even have to utter a word next thing she knows his head is buried between her thighs. She feels his fingers gently part her pussy lips. Then she feels the most pleasurable touch of his tongue on her clit. She moans as his tongue licks her. She is clutching the couch cushions. She starts to move her hips in unison of his tongue as he licks her pussy. Her breathing quickens, she is so close to cumming but she wants to hang on as long as she can. She doesn’t want this over yet. She has wanted him between her legs for months and months and he’s finally here doing what she had craved and needed from him.

He can sense she is about to cum. He wants to keep her going so he slows down a little, slows the pace of his tongue flicking over her clit. He passionately kisses her pussy. That feels so divine. She tells him to continue ‘pashing’ her pussy as it feels so good. He slowly runs two fingers inside of her pussy down to her now dripping wet opening. She looks at him as he slowly pushes two fingers inside of her. She falls back down onto the couch at the sensation of his fingers pushing inside of her. Her legs start to shake in her ecstasy of being pleasured by his fingers. He starts to lick her clit again. The words “oh god that feels so fucking good” escapes her lips. She starts to move her hips in unison with his fingers. She pushes her pussy into his face so she can feel his tongue harder on her clit. She grabs his wrist she is so close to cumming. She begs him to not stop. He sends her over the edge. As she cums she holds onto his wrist. She screams out as each wave of her orgasm keeps cumming and cumming. He slows down his licking as her orgasm ebbs.

He kisses her with his lips covered in her own pussy juices. She sits up it’s now her turn to pleasure him. She cannot wait any longer to get her hands, tongue and mouth wrapped around his gloriously hard cock. She tries to push him back onto the couch. But he is stronger than her. He gently pushes her back down. Unzips his pants and plunges his cock deep inside her wet pussy. He fucks her hard and fast. She can do nothing but wrap her legs around his waist and hold onto him as he fucks her. He bends his head down so he can kiss her ample breasts as he plunges his cock in and out of her pussy. She can feel herself building up to another orgasm.

He looks at her. They keep eye contact as he fucks her. She closes her eyes as she is about to cum. He insists she keeps her opens as he wants to watch her face as she reaches her climax again. Her hands grab his arse - his hard arse that she can feel flexing with each thrust of his hips as he plunges his cock deep inside her. She holds onto him as he brings her to her second orgasm. She holds onto him tightly as each wave hits her over and over.

When she is spent she lays back. He gets up on his knees. Places his hands under her knees and pushes her legs back. Her pussy is well and truly on display for him now. He holds onto her legs to steady himself as he thrusts his hips forward and plunges his cock in deeper. She gasps in pleasure as his cock pushes inside of her.

His rhythm steadies. She thinks to herself ‘god this man has staying power’. He is so in control of when he will cum. She doesn’t care she likes to be fucked for a long time. She savours every thrust. She wants to feel every deep plunge of his cock inside of her. She could lay here for hours and hours to be pleasured by him.

He releases her legs. He leans forward and whispers in her ear “turn over so I can fuck you doggy style”. She smiles at him and obliges his request. She turns over and gets up onto her knees. He holds on her hips and manoeuvres his cock head to sit at her pussy’s entrance. He slowly glides his cock inside of her. She looks back at him. She wants to watch him as he fucks her. The ecstasy of feeling him positioned behind her and fucking her in her favourite position. Her body starts to shake and quiver at each plunge of his cock. His breathing quickens as does his pace. He reaches around her body to fondle her hanging breasts. He holds onto her like that as he fucks her hard and fast. She can sense that he is about to come by his moans of pleasure.

He sits back up and grabs her hips and pulls her back into him at each thrust. He tells her he is so close to cumming. He is gong to empty his creamy seed inside of her pussy. With a few more hard thrusts of his cock he cums. His body shakes as he empties himself inside her. His thrusts slow.

He gently pushes her down onto the couch and lies atop of her. He kisses the back of her neck. His hands are cupping her breasts. They stay that way for a few minutes enjoying the closeness of their bodies. Both sweaty, both very satisfied, both enjoying each others touch. She turns so she can look at him. She kisses him slowly and passionately. He rests his head on her breasts. They don’t speak just lie there cuddling in the euphoria of their love making.