20 Nov 2017

Kissing slowly in the crease where your thighs meet the lining of your hidden pleasure box. As I tangle my tongue around your warm lips; gently caressing the clit with my lips, I’ll suck on the outer extremities of the folds that seal the pathway to your orgasmic escape.

Wrap your leg around my shoulder and open the other and hold it back for a maximum pleasure. And as I hold your waste and you tighten up from the anticipation of whats yet to come, let me kiss your wetness with more passion than ever before. Licking around your wall and inserting my tongue into the depths of your ocean, let me swim in your abyss.

Sucking the clit gently and massaging it with my tongue alternating in pressure and motion; stroking your climax into existence with my lips. Gradually causing an increase in your resistance for the increasing oncoming eruption is near. You tense up aggressively and restrain your body to the point of a petrifying tightness only to release a liberating scream of immense and immeasurable satisfaction as you shake violently … All cause I just showed you how to get pleasured the right way. Now do you want me to please you with my tongue ?