23 Jul 2019

"In order to know virtue, we must acquaint ourselves with vice. Only then can we know the true measure of a man".

We've been wrenched out of the thresher and shoved, ruthlessly and without consultation, into what we understand as existence.

Forever bound to servitude of our paternal "life-givers", their moral & religious convictions and become slaves to their societal restrictions. Least we not fit in with the pre-cast mold of earlier generations and risk alienating those who love us.

As love by itself is a contentious subject, we'll not digress into that topic just yet.

As we are raised or rather indoctrinated from a young age, we are taught to be kind, merciful, virtuous and reject all the pleasures of life that does not fall within these realms. Do not do this, do not do that, we are told by civic, religious and societal leaders and laws. Our very being, our celestial manifestation denied by the man-made fallacies of law and morality.

The Primal Nature of Man featured in the previous piece; and if we accept this as truth, it means our fleeting time on this plane of existence has been tortured with false liberty and choice since our first breath.

In lieu of the above, do we inhibit a monkey from climbing a tree; a fish swimming in the ocean or a lion hunting it's prey? So if we allow all the other primal creatures of the world to follow their natural path, why would we restrict ourselves? Is it because we have "intelligence" or the ability to "think"?

Then it is a travesty, for if we posses these wondrous gifts, it is a crying shame that we sacrifice our own indulges in a system that is directly opposed to our Nature. A system of moral values, social fabric and religious hostage taking, that we created, man created, not Nature.

To embrace virtue then, would mean that we design and be the architects of our own desires, want and needs. Then indulge them at our whim and pleasure. Not those that other creatures driven by fear, force us to abide by. Enlighten yourself with the most carnal pleasures of this world, in body, mind and soul and you will discover virtue.