19 Dec 2016

You Make Me Quiver

My body throbs with anticipation

of when it will be filled with your

sweet ejaculation

Our bodies move in a rhythmic motion

the slapping of our skin is the

only commotion

You pull my shoulders down and

deeper in you go

I lay my head back and begin

to lose control

You kiss me on my neck and glide

your tongue down to my breast

and before you even started,

I got excited and yelled YES!

Your tongue played my nipple like

the string on a violin

While your long dedicated strokes

made me quiver within

Then you picked me up, all the

while still inside

And placed your back against the

wall and I began to ride

You closed your eyes I couldn't believe

the passion that was building

We had been going for so long my

muscles had no feeling.

I kissed your lips trying to make up

for the sex you'd given me

Ever since you began I have been

living my fantasy

I took it slow and rode you gently

because I knew you were swole.

Then you looked at me like you better

ride right or you'd take back control

You took me to the bed and you

lay down on your back

I held your legs above your head and

rode you til you hit compact

You swallowed hard and flipped me

over to hit it from behind

Then I flipped you and myself so we

could enjoy 69

It was near morning when we

finally took a break

19 hours mulitple orgasms none did

we have to fake.

We then got dressed and walked out

the door careful not to stumble

All the pressure and postions made

my legs want to crumble

I got in my car, you got in yours

You said goodbye and closed the door

I honked my horn and said call me at four

We can do it again if you can

handle some more.

Written by Quiana Nicholson