02 Mar 2018

I can almost taste you already. If only I had you in my room at this very moment. I don't even know where I would begin once I had you lying down on your back, bare before me, nothing on but a pair of luscious cotton panties. I can imagine they are dry now, but I will change that. You didn't think I'd let you take them off so soon did you, without making them sopping wet? I can be a tease too.

I Think I'd have to start with your scrumptious ear lobes. You won't believe how lovely it feels when a nice moist tongue slides up through the crease, nibbling and gently tugging on your soft cartilage. I'll whisper with my hot breath in your ear, confiding in you my craving to taste your delicious pussy. As if giving in a little more to my desire, I'll slide down your neck line further towards my destination, leaving a trail of small kisses. I'd need to kiss you on the mouth if our lips were so close like this. Kissing deep and passionately stimulates my lips, the blood rushes in and they get warmer, as if preparing me for my journey downwards. The thought of your loving mouth on mine fills my head with sweet chemicals of love.

Your nipples must be begging for my attention by now. While I trace an areola with a finger, I'll coax the other nipple with the delicate brushing of my tongue. Oh reader, feeling your nipples harden in my mouth would be exquisite. The thought is making my cock throb, reminding my mouth of it's mission as I'm writing this. I'll have to trace down your tummy with a wet finger of my free hand, because I just can't resist not doing so. When I can hear you gasping, I'll know to speed up and start flicking those taut little nipples nice and fast, sending mini waves of pleasure spiraling down through your loins.

I will venture still further, kissing your abdomen with strength, pinning you down against my bed. I will have reached your treasure then, locked up under a shield of cloth, the only thing keeping me from accessing that tasty treat.

Forcing myself to give into my temptations for now, I'd take my time on your smooth thighs. Now let me tell you, I love women's legs. I'm sure my reaction to yours would be no different. Using my hands I'd give you a nice thigh rub right on the interior sides teeming with nerve endings as well as below your knees. I'll make sure to get my tongue and lips in on the action as well, kissing and nibbling at the skin, but enough about the rest of you, let's move onto what I really want.

With my fingertips, I'll push against the cotton. I bet you'd love the feeling of that soft fabric gently gliding over your tender clit, making you purr. I get shivers just thinking about getting my mouth on your bare folds. Pushing my tongue down against your panties, I'll put enough pressure on your pussy to nearly drive you nuts, taking care to not push you over the edge yet. I'm imagining your juices flowing through the cotton and my hot saliva reaching the other side, our bodily fluids exchanging.

Once I begin to taste you, This torture would begin to get on my nerves. I'm sure that like you reader, I can only take so much. I hope that when your panties slide down, they brush against your wonderful legs and make you shudder.

The thought of your beautiful wet pussy glistening like a tender flower dampened with dew droplets, beguiles me. There is no greater tease than that. The desire is as primal as thirst yet still so complex. I can't tell you, lovely reader, how much I have waited for this moment.

With eager hands I'll spread your legs. When I kiss and lick my way around our gentle folds, I'll have you so wet for me. I can already hear your soft voice whimpering with desire. I am teasing myself in licking you so gently like this. I need so badly to take all of your lovely womanhood into my warm wanting mouth. I Must wait until neither of us can bare further torture, both of us giving into our deepest desire. I'll return to your now red face for one last kiss before I make you tremble. I can almost taste the sexual energy in your mouth.

I Promise I'll start licking you harder by now so you can feel my piercing tongue pressing against your hot pussy, making you squirm. My tongue will dance on your little clit. Soon it will force you to surrender to its touch. How I'd love to hear you groan over my efforts. The sound is a powerful aphrodisiac for me. If only you knew the rush I could attain from doing this to you, dear reader.

As I'm having you for lunch, I'll inch a lone finger from your labia down to your puckered butt hole, tickling the opening to make you quiver. I love to imagine your tight sphincter relaxing, allowing me just enough depth to feel around inside. Oh God, the thought of my cock deep inside this crevice is making me gasp.

I can see myself losing some control now, after tongue fucking you harder and harder, I realize that by now you are ready. Now, if by chance we were to meet and these circumstances were ever to transpire, I'd hope that you could maybe try to keep quiet, so the neighbors won't have a fit... I know that we won't be getting any sleep on this night, but other people need sleep, you know? ;)

Actually never mind that last bit, because now I really need to get you off. Fuck the neighbors. I'll sabotage your clit with my tongue, forcing tortured moans from your lips. You won't even need to say a word. I can taste an impending orgasm on your clit. God, there's no way in hell I'm stopping now. I'll tighten my powerful tongue, beating it briskly against your sweet clit, giving into all of the bitter sweet torture I have withstood for a reason I can't even remember. I can't stop until I send you into a dreamy abyss, my tongue pounding against you with all of its force, your loins convulsing in throws of heavenly delight. Seeing my effect on you sends a pang of that delight through me. I'm trying to picture your stunning facial expressions. I'll have your pretty face all contorted. Good luck trying to hide any expressions you might think me to perceive as awkward. If you're a sweet girl, I'll have you swearing like a sailor.

By the way, I abhor those fake sounding moans that porn stars make. The sound of a real women having a real orgasm is something else. The sound is pure sex to me.

I'm ready to find that sacred spot of yours. I'll advance a finger deep into your well, the muscles still twitching with the energy of your previous orgasm. While I continue to munch on your pussy and work my other finger in your bum, I'll feel around until I find that precious little bump of yours. If only I had more hands to stimulate you in other areas.

Beckoning inside of you, I'll rub your tender spot steadily bringing you to a second screaming orgasm. You'll be yelling out my name between a symphony of "fuuuck" and "oooh yeeeeeess". I'm sure that if I do it right I can trigger a nice hard squirt. My mouth is watering so much. your liquid come would be such a sensuous reward. Once I get my first taste of this sweet honey, I crave more of it so bad. I'll be eating your clit so roughly, I'll bring you to a third orgasm right away, allowing you only a small moment of sobriety this time.

Oh but I'm only just beginning. I'll turn you over on your stomach so that your sprawled out on my bed looking innocent and vulnerable, your buttocks raised. I won't get enough of looking down at you, seeing your beautiful form, your needy eyes staring anxiously up at me. I know that I am in a position to make you beg for satisfaction. Sitting behind you now, I'll Swiftly pull your legs over my shoulders with my muscular arms. I'll move slowly into you, feeling my mouth lock back into it's rightful place. My lips will squeeze down while I pelt my tongue up against your sensitive little clit and labia. I seem to have forgotten my table manners, eating so sloppily and eagerly like this, but I'm so goddamn hungry for you.

I'm imagining you squirming in my mouth, your legs vibrating while I trap your clit between my tongue and upper lip. I'll eat you strongly and steadily, hearing your voice rise back up, your body loosening, giving in to my mouth, your eye lids sinking with dreary ecstasy. I get weak in the knees myself, thinking of my aching tongue rocking you into another orgasm. As soon as this orgasm ends, another will follow. Your breathing will be so quick and strong that I hope you are getting enough oxygen to power your muscle spasms. Eating you out with all my might, I'll push you into waves of orgasms, your pleasure peaking, falling and peaking again in a continuous cycle of climaxes.

I know that by the time you get me off, the taste of you will remain in my mouth, the taste of your sweet kiss, your wet pussy, your glorious juices.