Written by Chris

23 Jun 2018

The environment:

We are on a double bed, already naked. There are lots of candles around us and you are blindfolded. There is an empty bottle of wine, which we finished earlier.


You are on your back, and I'm crouched over you on my knees on the bed. I Have a red rose in my hand. I start by placing it at your nose, moving slowly down. Down your neck, to your collarbone, to your left boob, making slow circles around your nipple, moving closer to it. I can see you are getting frustrated, but then I whisper in your ear: "Be patient". Then I move to your other boob, also making circles around your nipple moving closer to it. As I reach it, a hear a small gasp.

Down to your stomach, over your bellybutton to your leg closest to me. I can see the frustration once again on your face. Moving on the outside of your leg, to your knee, where I turn around and moving upward on the inside of your leg. As I reach your pussy, you gasp once again.

Then you don't feel anything for a while, wondering what is happening.

Then you feel me getting between your legs and pushing a pillow underneath your bum.

I start by kissing your right leg on the inside moving closer to your wet pussy. As I reach your pussy I start by licking your clit slowly with short strokes, increasing the lengths of the strokes. Then I start to move my nose also through your lips. You start moaning softly. Then I start nibbling softly at your clit because I know you lick it. The moans become louder. As I am nibbling I insert my middle finger into your vagina and start to rub the front side of your pussy with my middle finger. The volume once again increasing. Your hands are in my hair, and when the tension becomes too much you pull it as you close your legs.

Then I suddenly pull out my finger and blow air into your pussy. I make you stand on your knees and hand.

I push my finger once again into you, and with the other hand, I reached between your arm and leg, to get to your clit. As I am fingering you I am stroking your clit. And then you start squirting all of a sudden and fall back onto your back.