Written by Speel1

22 Jul 2015

This night feels strange" she whispered. "Really strange. I feel strange. Can you feel it?"

The light was low and it fell as if tbey were the only two people that inhabited the room. Now, slow dancing they were both concious of maintaining their pose that at any given moment threatened an ungovernable state, taken up by a primal force, thrown sideways, out of themselves.

“Must be the wine“ he teased, his eyes never leaving her face.

He paused for a moment, leaving his thoughts stranded. She seemed adrift as though on a far ocean, the tides taking her where they will. Then she turned, catching his side long glance.

“Staring again” she teased. The laughter in her voice reached out for his heart and squeezed like a vice-grip.

“Where are you tonight…?” he whispered into her ear, holding her even closer, his warm breath tickling her as his lips brushed there for the briefest of moments.

His hand was at the small of her back, moving in an almost imperceptible circle. She stared into his eyes as he drew her hips against his.

Swaying back and forth in his arms just felt right. There was no other word for it.

And into his mouth she told him. “Make love to me. Hold me like you will never leave me. Now. Right now”

His lips came down over hers, she felt the stirring deep down within herself. She was also aware that she had to find some sort of a release. Soon.

He was whispering her name and she closed her eyes. She was aware that he was backing her toward one of the curving glass-brick walls of the restaurant and her heart rate climbed.

She felt the cool glass against her back and he came against her. She was flooded in green light, diffused through the translucent brick, diamond like sunlight bouncing off the water in the indoor pool, casting a rippling funnel of illumination on the ceiling. They were hidden in part shadow but it was of no concern to her any longer.

She drew one leg up along his thigh, surrendering, and his hand was at a place she had been promising him all afternoon. He cupped her, and then pressed his middle fingers gently in, splitting her open.

Her head went back and she released a low moan, “take me outside ….”

There, in the dull light of the gardens, he found he was panting as he peeled her dress up over her hips. Her fingers unbelted and unzipped his trousers. When she freed him, he was hard and heavy and she could not wait. She rubbed him against her and almost fainted with the sensation. Then she guided him inside, all the breath rushing out of her at once, to be replaced by a liquid heat that filled her up.

At the feel of him inside her, she began to spasm, losing herself in the ecstasy of orgasm that made her cry out. She bit into the meat of his shoulder, pulling him hard against her, coming again, shuddering and slipping down on the cement floor.

He followed her, on top of her, the weight feeling good, making her feel protected and whole. Somewhere, deep down, a tiny part of her released her last grasp on reality which merged with his moans as she was shaken by yet another orgasm.

It was even too much for him and he felt himself ejaculating. The feeling was quite beyond his control and stunned, he hunched against her spasming body, wanting nothing more than to get more deeply inside her than he already was. To be carried atop the currents and the tides that she was floated….