Written by NotBradPitt

07 Jun 2018

She had been eyeing him for weeks now. just trying decide whether she liked him or not. A newbie in the office, nothing special about him at all except that whenever she looked at him he smiled at her. She couldn’t put her finger on it but she liked it. As the HR partner for his department he had popped in a few times to discuss working hours and a few other odds and ends work related. she noticed that he always complimented her on a dress or jewellery or something, to the point where she was wondering if he would run out of things to compliment. It was funny that whenever he left she somehow felt better, better from what she had no idea, but it was just like he made feel kind of fuzzy. Attracted but not. she could never tell if he was just being nice or had an interest.

Every Friday it was customary for everyone to knock off at 4pm, some would meet at the local keg and filly for some drinks others would just take advantage of the extra time and go home. This Friday was an exception though as "newbie" had joined them. she stood with the girls from HR as usual but kept glancing over, every time she looked in his direction he seemed to be telling jokes and from the sounds of things he had more than a few people around him laughing. Just once she looked up and looked him straight in the eye, he smiled and looked over his shoulder as if to say she must have been looking at someone else. he just turned back and smiled at her. She didn’t know why, but she was blushing. She made a point of NOT looking in his direction, although from time she did try and sneak a peek in his direction using her peripheral vision. She could feel him staring the only way to avoid was to turn her back, which she did after returning from the loo's.

For just a few hours the girl chat seemed to make time stand still. The main topic of discussion seemed to be Magic Mike XXL. one of the girls said that the bod was too much pressure on her to go to gym, and although nice to touch, a six pack wasn’t as comfortable as a dad bod to rest your head on when lying on the couch, or, in bed for that matter. The practicality of it made her smile. She was just thinking about Joe Manganiello when the party seemed to disband, folks were saying their goodbyes and their little work corner emptied rather abruptly.

She walked to the car and started on her way home. it was an uneventful trip and as she indicated to turn out of the suburbs main thoroughfare into her street where she lived, all the light thingies came on and an annoying computerized "ding, ding, ding, ding" filled the interior, she put her foot on the accelerator and, nothing, she was just freewheeling. Just as she was thinking about her third glass of wine on the couch, this had to happen. she coasted to the side of the road and put her hazards on. Luckily she would be able to get home quickly it was only a 100 metres to her gate. She was just getting out when a car pulled to a stop behind her. In Johannesburg at dusk a woman alone, she became concerned especially as because of the headlights she couldn’t see who was getting out of the car. Just then she heard, "Hey Kerry! Fancy bumping into you here." it was Newbie, and he had this big smile on his face.

"um, ja" she replied, "she just died on me" she pointed at her Polo.” are you sure you had the key in the ignition?" he asked. She flicked him a dirty look, “kidding, just kidding" he said, laughing at her. "do you live close by?" he asked. Kerry nodded and point at her gate down the road. "OK not to worry, I can push you home, and run back up for my car after your behind your gates. Get in, put her in neutral and I'll push". as he walked to the back of her Polo the bugger was still smiling. Nothing to smile about she thought, but got in without saying anything, all she wanted to do was get home and take off her shoes and chill on the couch. it didn’t take long and a minute later she pulling through her gates into the drive way. He was coming around from the back of her car breathing heavily when she got out, and would you believe t still flipping smiling. They just looked at each other, she was just realizing how much inconvenience he had saved her when she started blushing again, luckily he looked away and said, "um so you're home safe, close the gates behind me and get going."

She felt that she was being a bit rude after he had just pushed her in her vehicle 100 metres up the road to get her home. he had saved her at least an hour waiting for a tow company. "please bring your car and have a drink before you go? You have saved me a tonne of hassle. It's the least I could do."

"um, ok sure, that would be nice." he said. She headed to the front door to open and kicked off her shoes as she entered grateful for getting off her feet after standing at the bar for at least 2 hours. She was busy filling her wine glass when she saw the headlights turn in towards her gate, she pushed the remote and watched him pull up next to her car and get out. She hadn’t noticed before but he was short and a bit stocky. A bit of a dad bod she thought and smiled at the earlier conversation.

"Come in, take a seat." she pointed at the couch. she flicked on the TV remote as she asked, "what would you like to drink?" "gin if you have please?" she had she just couldn’t remember where... as luck would have it the drinks cupboard was next to the TV. She went over and opened the doors to the cabinet. She bent down to look and found it one row back. As she turned and straightened her back, he had this big grin on his face, no teeth just a pure lip smile, like he was laughing. "what?!" she asked indignantly. He pointed, she looked and then realized why. She was wearing a pencil skirt, which she had pulled up almost to her crotch to bend. She had forgotten he was there and hadn’t pulled it back down as she stood up. he complimented her before she could say anything. "nice set of legs you have there". He backed it up with a grin, again.

In the kitchen after getting the whisky glass down she couldn’t get the damn lid off. After putting it between her legs and trying for all she was worth to get it unscrewed she gave up. looking up he was standing in the kitchen doorway, "here let me." and again, the grin. Like a naughty smile, she thought, watching him as he opened the bottle. He poured himself two fingers, and reached for the tin of tonic water she had set down beside the glass. He emptied the tin and took long sip, smacking his lips with an audible "ahhh" and smiled. He put down the drink and reached for the cap of the gin bottle misjudging knocking it to the floor. They both bent to pick it up and bumped heads, but he got the cap. they both stood up rubbing their foreheads. A wisp of hair was left in front of eyes as she looked up, she was rather surprised as he stepped right up to her face, this time the smile was gone, but he was looking at her intently as he brushed it aside, behind her ear. Without warning his hand at the base of her neck he leant in pulling her gently towards him and kissed her.

She closed her eyes, his lips were soft, his tongue warm and smooth. "I could get used to this", she thought. he put his other hand on her hip and pulled her towards him. That was when she felt it, the hardness between his legs as her leg slid between his. He moved his kissing to down her jaw line towards her neck, she just lifted her head to give room her hand behind his neck she almost pulled him there but it was deliciously soft and warm and cold where his kisses had just moved closer to her neck. She could hear him breathing and goose bumps were spreading up her leg, just as he slipped his hand under her blouse on her waist, the heat from his hand and the goose bumps were a contrast she hadn’t felt in a while and wasn’t going to stop anything now. she could feel his hand moved around her waist to the small of back and as he pulled her closer he nibbled on her shoulder giving it a gentle bite. There was a sudden hollowness she felt in the pit of her stomach, like being hungry, and she realized she was feeling moist, she felt warm and deliciously fuzzy. She pulled his head towards her mouth and kissed him hard. It must have distracted him as he fumbled with the clip of her bra for a second or two and then they were released. She didn’t realize just how hard her nipples were until she felt the lace of her bra slide against them.

He stopped kissing and stepped back pulling his golf shirt over his head. He had round shoulders, and decent arms she thought as she unbuttoned her blouse. he gave her second to get her blouse and bra off and then pulled her towards him again. He was warm, her nipples pushed against his chest and the hair on his chest soft against them, she just wanted more kissing like she couldn’t get enough. His warm hands moving up and down her back gently rubbing massaging her as he kissed fervently. she couldn’t ignore his erection pressing against her stomach through his jeans, and slipped her hand between his belt and his stomach, it was hot almost burning hot. she heard him gasp for the 1st time as she wrapped her hand around it rubbing it. He was reaching for the zip on the side of her skirt and she felt swore she could feel every tooth of the zip unlock as he pulled it open. her skirt was loose and with a quick step it was on the floor. Suddenly she realized she was getting cold as he stood back looking at her in her black lace underwear. she took him by the hand and lead him to her bedroom stopping at the foot of the bed. he put one hand behind her neck again and reached behind just below her buttocks and pulled her closer again.

As he kissed her she reached for his belt unclipping it, he wasted no time in getting his button undone, by time he had it lose she had pulled the zipped down. she put both hands on his hips and slid his clothes off. As they stepped closer she could feel the heat of him against her stomach, she wrapped a hand around it, and turned so that his back was to the bed and gently pushed he fell back on the bed and looked at her expectantly as she put her knees on either side of his legs and shuffled over him as she mover over his throbbing manhood she felt the heat between her legs, and almost got a fright it was so hot there, she flipped her leg over so she was to the side of him on her knees she let both palms slide over his stomach towards his chest. As she felt his nipples she pinched gently making them harder and he gasped again. As she moved up she moved her shoulder under his lying on her left arm while caressing his chest with right she looked up at him and moved to kiss her again. His hands were always busy, his right was caressing the small of her back, his left caressing her forearm as she moved over his chest. She slowly traced circles from his towards his legs until she felt his manhood hot above her hand she held it and stroked softly, the gripped it as hard as he could and pulled slowly upwards. He was breathing loudly now every time she heard him groan she took it as encouragement she was doing something pleasurable and repeated it. She was enjoying this power, and every time he moved to pull her closer to him to kiss her she pushed him back. She leaned and kissed a nipple dropping little pecks randomly as she moved towards his engorged manhood.

When she got there she slowly ran her tongue from the base of his penis to the top and gently put his glans in her mouth. She repeated it again, enjoying his moans of appreciation. Then suddenly she took all of him, his hips moved up unexpectedly and she could gauge he was somehow getting harder. It didn’t take long before he put his hands under her armpits and gently encouraged her to move up against him. She had her knee over his legs as she slid up against and rested her head on his arm as he kissed her. He rolled towards her pushing her flat against the bed.

While he kissed her he softly dragged the back of his fingers against her skin running circles around her nipples under her breast and to the other side again. He stopped kissing her and moved towards her breasts with his lips, as he engulfed her left breast with his mouth he gently cupped her right breast and then moved to pinch her nipple. The contrast made her nipples ache as he alternated with his mouth and hands between her nipples. He moved his kissing from her nipples to her side under the side of her breast and over her ribs. It was excruciating, warm bordering on ticklish but not. As he got to her hip he gently nibbled her hip bone she jerked at how ticklish it was.

He arrived at her mons pubis and traced lines around he pubic hair with his tongue, pulling at some between his teeth. He pulled at her knickers with his teeth sliding the small “v-patch” down ever closer to her mound. He took hold of both sides, as she instinctively raised her hips so he could slide them off. As they passed her ankles he spread her legs and moved to lie between them. He lifted her left leg and ran his tongue behind the skin on her knee, she was surprised as it was an odd but not altogether unpleasant feeling. He watched her breathing as her stomach rose and fell and he marveled at her breasts reaching out to caress one and roll a nipple gently between his thumb and forefinger. Watching the skin pucker and harden again.

Up the inside of her thigh he moved closer towards her mound alternating between kisses and gentle bites. He arrived at her opening without touching her and took a deep breath, the musky smell made him dizzy, and he exhaled slowly against her making sure his warm breath was the only thing she felt. That warmth made her tremble and she reached out and grabbed his hand interlacing her fingers with his, he squeezed gently and slowly, excruciatingly slowly extended his tongue to the top of her mound where a little pink pea was hiding, hooded, from him. The heat of his tongue made her gasp, she felt like she need to brace her herself and pulled her right leg up bent at the knee, he rested his head on the inside of her thigh.

The feelings that were coursing through her were driving her insane, but she couldn’t stop him it was too nice. Nice was understatement, heavenly was more like it. He swirled his tongue around her clitoris a few times and then around the outside of her lips in large circles each time circle her pea as went around the top. When he did this, she put her other hand on the back of his head rubbing his short cropped hair and pulling him into her. She almost couldn’t breathe, and every time he got to her clitoris her thighs would quiver. He ran his tongue towards her opening each time getting a little closer but stopping and returning to her clit to catch it with small swirls. When he did get to her opening her circled it again, and again, and again. Her hand gripped his tighter and on his head her hand came to a stop. She wanted that heat inside her, all the way inside her, but he kept circling. Just when she thought she was going to scream he slowly pushed forward extending his tongue inside her as far as he could. All she could do was hold on and she moaned loudly. The feeling of his breath against her clit was a complete contrast to the searing hot warmth that she was feeling inside her and she wanted more.

He stopped for a second pulled his hand loose from hers and put both his hands and her buttocks and flipped her over. She was lying flat with his head square under her hips, he brought his hand from under her buttocks and put it on her chest between her breasts, gently pushing upwards. She got the hint and pushed herself up. She looked down and all she could she was his eyes, she could feel him smiling, his eyes creased and he grabbed her hand. She couldn’t keep her eyes open anymore, what he was doing to her with his tongue was just insane. She was suddenly conscious of the tension she had in her thigh and realized she was literally gripping him between them and she relaxed a little. In relaxing she lowered herself onto him and his tongue went deeper and she just deiced to surrender to it. As he flicked his tongue between her opening and her clit she was unintentionally grinding herself against him.

She reached back and felt him hard as rock between her hands and stroked. He moaned as she did so and the vibration added an extra sensation that made her jerk unexpectedly. As she felt she was getting closer to point where it felt like a spring inside her was tightening and was becoming tighter she was grinding harder and faster into him. He went with it and sped up the speed of his tongue, her stroking was driving him insane and he was getting closer himself. Then just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore she just relaxed and it felt like a wetness descended on vagina, waves of contractions over her legs, she couldn’t control he thrusting as she moaned out loud. She had forgotten she was still holding him and she felt a throbbing as he moaned into her and she felt him release with squirts of his hot semen jetting onto his stomach. His moan made her quiver again as she felt the waves subsiding like a tide receding after a storm, she let go and lifter her leg to shift down and lie beside him. When she looked down he was smiling. He quickly sat up and ran to the loo to wipe himself off. And returned lying next to her he put his arm under her head and puller leg up bent at the knee over his thighs. She was so lazy between her legs she still felt a light throbbing, but it was blissful.

“Umm, are you o.k.?” he asked. She giggled, and said, “I’ll tell you when I try and walk”. She leant over him grabbed a TV remote and flicked it on. Then she pulled the duvet up and covered them both. He was quietly stroking her back, and it felt, comfortable.