Written by AngeliqueB

10 Apr 2014

Working early in the morning is the most productive and it frees up the rest of your day. But even with a fresh start, the figures in columns and rows, run like drunk ants over the laptop screen and your brain feels like peasoup; thick and mushy. Having come through to the office after our morning coffee, you had not ventured out for a few hours, although I had peeped in a couple of times to see if there was anything you needed and stolen a quick kiss. It was time to get up now, for a stretch of the legs, a pitstop and a look-see to what I was keeping myself busy with somewhere else in the house. This, to revitalize your mind so that you could get the spreadsheets to look like they were supposed to.

Walking through to the kitchen, you find the coffee machine on and a freshly brewed pot of your favourite brand. Helping yourself to a mug, you make your way outside from where you hear activity muffled music playing; the dogs barking excitedly, my laughter and running water. Standing on the stoep, recharging mocha java in hand, you take in the scene before you your car parked in the driveway, from where the music is eminating; wet dogs charging around the garden like naughty children and me, hosepipe in hand and you take it all in: bare feet with long slim legs in tight denim shorts; body-clining white, tang top and long, dark hair in a high ponytail. The sun is shining through the treetops, giving the whole area a golden glow and the light breeze is making work of the soap suds that are covering the silver metal, the driveway, the dogs and even me.......a regular foam party and, you quickly realize that I obviously got the mix wrong for the spraywasher, but what the hell, it is all a sight for your sore eyes.

Leaning on the balcony railing with the mug now half empty, resting on the edge next to you, you watch the joviality for a while and, at the back of your mind, you wonder if I know that you did have your car washed at work in the week. Not that it matters now, as you appreciate the gesture and begin to relax, taking in what is on being played out before you.......

What is it with water, that it turns everything into a game; it makes children out of all of us. So, washing the car, whilst spraying everything else in the vicinity, is not a chore but a means of keeping busy, knowing that you need the time to get some work done, even though it is the weekend. There will be time later, to do something more enjoyable together and spend some much needed time, talking, sharing and loving. For now, I need to finish what I have started, without making too much of a mess.

The light breeze is making the water mist all over the place and it is not long before I am wet; as are the dogs trying to dodge the odd water jet that is purposefully sent their way; the garden is even getting the intermittent watering, all this amidst the lovely weather and music blaring from inside the car; speakers vibrating from the heavy base, but adding to the vibe and exhuberance of the moment.

Finishing your coffee, you decide to take your life into your own hands and venture down the steps to where I am bandishing the frothing spray sword. You know that you will most probably be wet before reaching the car, but hell, so what, you need the distraction and the reward you intend claiming is going to be worth it. Besides, it is hot outside and a little water never killed anyone. Suddenly, there is the need to ravish a drenched maiden, who is doing her best to wash an already clean steed and this knight, has urge for some quick piledging.

Walking towards the danger zone, awaiting the inevitable water jet, the first thing you notice is how wet I am except for my hair; you know how I hate it if it gets wet except maybe the pool or mostly in the shower. My feet are covered in little brown leaves, clining to my damp skin and lower calves; patches of my shorts are dark with moisture covering the tops firm thighs and bottom, but it my top that draws your attention from the denim backside. Like a wet T-shirt competitor, my white tang top (those are the ones with the built in stretch bra) is sopping and adhering to my breasts like a second skin, so that there is very little disguise, as to my heightened excitment and the coolness of the cloth due to the accidental backsplashes. You know those fruits of pleasure well and you are intimately akin to them; their invitation is stronger than ................whoosh!!! Yes, I saw you coming and could not resist.

The game is so on now!!! Seeing you coming towards me, the hosepipe aimed itself of its own accord in your direction and I know instantly, it was a case of spray n run like mad. Dropping the hosepipe, it lets rip with the slashing of an enraged cobra; spraying and spitting all over the place, offering me a split second of a screen to turn and make an attempt at a hasty retreat. However, the dogs are obviously in your camp and running around me barking like idiots, they hamper my getaway and it is but moments until I feel your strong hands grab me, hauling me up again your now drenched chest. Laughing with guilt and anticipation, I turn, hoping to redeem myself with an amourous kiss. I know all to well, that a timed tongue-lashing, can redeem me of most of my sins.

Linking wet arms around your neck, I jump up, so that my legs can wrap themselves around your waist and you turn in a slow circle, as my mouth claims yours in feined forgiveness. Yeah right, like I think that that is going to get me out of trouble this time! No shit, Sherlock! There is most certainly a punishment that is going to fit this crime, you think, as you slowly make your way back up the drive towards the car, with the dogs now at your sides, just as proud of the capture as what you are with your captive. It is no easy task, carryng a weighty woman, who is no petite princess, but your intentions are worthy of the effort and you know your thighs and back will manage the strain the last few meters, until you have me sitting on the bonnet of your car the 17 wheels and chassis, offering the perfect height that even sitting on the tempered steel, my legs are still wrapped around you and our mouths still busy with my arduous attempts at salvation.

You taste of Columbia and my tongue languishes in the remnant aromatics, as your hands seek the tempations beneath the wet cotton and elastic. Lost in the kiss, I slowly regain my compose from the attempted escape and retrieval, and realise what you are about, with your warm hands each claiming a cold breast. It is broad daylight! The neighbours are going to look and see what we are doing! Somewhere between the luscious gobswopping, you make a none too polite response as to what the neighbours can do, should they be so nosey and impolite to look over a six foot wall, through bushes into our garden...... let them!!

With a tangle of arms, our tops are disposed of, so that we are both left bare-chested and the material in a sodden heap on the paving closeby. Our exposed nakedness heightens the sexual tension that is always simmering when we are in close proximity and with this being something that I know you have always fantasied about, throwing caution to the wind, becomes even my intention to fullfil, you can sense the lessening of my inhibitions and I snuggle closer to taken in more of your kiss and press my now stiffened nipples into your chest; at your arms enclose me, pulling me into you. One hand moves up to free the ponytail, as you know it will hurt to lie back against it and in the same movement, bring me tight up against your growing groin, so that I have no doubt as to what is about to happen next.

Fair warning!

It always amazes me how, when two people are in sync, that no words are necessary to co-ordinate a set of movements that divulges us of the remains of our clothing, with our shorts joining our tops already disposed of and we are left starkers and pressed together, in the most compromising of positions. The dogs seem to have sensed something and decently retreated, so that the only noise is the running water streaming down the drive into the street, the breeze in the trees and the odd bird or two disturbing the otherwise Saturday morning silence. It feels as if all my senses are in overdrive and my awareness is intensified by the auspiciousness of this public show of affection, although there is nobody in sight (shit, I hope nobody is looking!!)

Breaking the everlasting kiss (mostly one of reassurance, as you are fully conscious of my underlying cautiousness and restraint; nervousness) you slowly disentangle yourself from my grasp and push me back slowly and gently, so that I am lying up your cars front, spread eagle and vulnerably to you gaze. I feel safer closing my eyes, as if to blot out not just the sun, but the thought of what we must look like. I miss the look in your eyes as you behold what lies before you and you take intense male pleasure in the wonder of what you see and, what it implies. Most men would at this moment, give their right testicle to be in your shoes; fuck, they are sopping wet, but who gives a shit; they will dry and there are more important things at hand, at hand and in loin, now.

Feeling the cold of the metal against my back; each vertebra touching in turn and the top of my head inches from the windscreen, I try not to imagine what you must be thinking. Probably something out of a American Pie porn novel, but at this point, I no longer care and I just want to loose myself in the illicit sensation of being made love to in this so very compromising situation. You only live once and experiencing it all, is what life is about. Not so? In that moment, I decide that memories are made of this and arch my back invitingly, as I feel your hardened and throbbing cock touch me between my open legs, bent with my bare feet resting on the bumper. God, a man designed this vehicle with just this in mind!!!

What is it that crosses your mind, as you look down at where your rigid cock lies against nestled against something as perfect as a summer ripened peach; a blossoming rose bud; a few folds of pale skin covered in very short soft hairs, waiting to be parted by your glistening tip that is dripping with desire for this womans jewel, lying on another of your prized possessions. Not, that you ever considered yourself a collector of treasures, but at this time, you feel like goddam Indiana Jones having discovered a trove of forbidden loot.....concentrate you fool!!! Just the thought sends blood to both heads, so that the pressure is almost unbearable to penetrate and find release. Escape and estacy.

For once, no fluffing is necessary, as just the whole ambience (yes, even in this fuck-truck connotation, there is an atmosphere; a mood an unquestionable surrealness) and I lie there, waiting for your body to be joined to mine. I feel your hands move to lightly grip my knees and you position yourself as I steady myself to receive you; still not wanting to open my eyes. I listen to the music from within the upholstered interior and feel the heat of the sun on my skin and the occasional drops of water when the wind blows across us..... and you touch me, rubbing your glans again my clit to increase the lubrication, both already knowing it to be a mere formality, as we are both as ready as we could ever be .......for this. It is now, or never!

What you feel is indescribable for me, but I know that that first slow intrusion is sublime. Feeling you enter me in a single, slow stroke; muscles offering some resistence and pelvis widen of it own subconcious, until you are slide up, completely inside me; filling me to my brim, is one of the most devine feelings imaginable. Leaning forward and over me now, I hesitantly open my eyes and see you. The look fills me with such emotion, that my vaginal muscles constrict around you and being in this erotic bond, is more than either of us can bare; it is now necessary to let rip, with all the pent up passion that the aquatic and automotive foreplay has provided. You start to move in a instinctive motion, that pounds my body against the resilient iron. Your eyes darken as you ride your fantasy to its fullest; your hands splayed on either side of me and at one stage, your head thrown back........I sure you could have roared like a lion!!!

Watching you is intoxicating; feeling you thrust into me as if this was your last fuck on Earth. It is enough to bring me to the brink of an orgam. I can feel with waves of pleasure rising up and through me and I reach up to touch your face and try and get your attention, so that I can let you know I am close. Seeing you focus on me, you reach to pull me up, that I am sitting and it brings me up against your groin and you slowly intensify your stroke and adjust your stride. My legs move to lock you into a grip that forces you deep inside me and it is the intimacy of what we are sharing, that allows us both to reach our individual climaxes together, with our bodies joined at the waist and at the mouth. Our tongues entwined and your cock touching my cervix, as our bodies explode with ripples of peristaltic contractions and juices seeping from between our legs.

For a long time, we stay locked together, holding onto each other in silence, as our breathing returns to normal, our bodies relax and we return to the reality of our surroundings. You hold me tight, sensing my eagerness to resume normality and eventually, let me go enough to look at me. The blood rushes from my lower extremities to my face..........you laugh at my coyness and drop a kiss to my forehead in acknowledgement and I think....thanks? Disengaging ourself from each others bodies, we very quickly dress in wet clothes and I look around to see if there are any moving bushes giving evidence of spies. There is nobody. And, to be honest, I actually do not care. What happened was the epitome of mutual fun, desire and love, so WTF!!! This is our driveway!

With instructions on how to rinse off all the soap properly, you leave me to finish the now unnecessary job and, collecting your coffee cup on the way indoor, you know a quick shower is in order before resuming your work - with a sense of newly found energy and determination to complete the task from which you were so wonderfully distracted, as quickly as possible. There are a lot of better things to do, but for now, the car wash is done and in the week it can be professionally polished to remove the inevitable watermarks, leaving you the chance to polish something else.......NO, enough of that now, but most definitely later!