Written by roshfar

02 Sep 2018

For a few weeks she had looked at me but i had no courage to do anything.She used to walk and do photocopies and turn around and smile everydayat the workplace.i used to hang around in the back of the room .i was a shy guy but i started to look at her and felt a jolt whenever our eyes met.this carried on for a few weeks but could not find the courage to ask her anything. she was a shy young recently married wife.one afternoon she asked me for a lift for a new job interview .i took her to the place and told her i will wait for her,i waited and while dropping her home she asked me to come into her and have tea.she sat across me and she sat wide legged in a long dress but it potrayed a new way she sat and her legs were wide apart a clear signal to me that she was opening herself to me. we spoke about the interview and then she said she is leaving work and she is going to miss me.i told her that i felt the the same .she then lifts her arm up exposing her underarms.she then said i think of you whenever her husband is having sex with her.i dont know what got into me but i stood up and caught her hands and pulled her up to stand. .i pushed her against the wall and started kissing.this lasted a few seconds and while kissing i felt her whole pubic area was pressing a against my groin and began thrusting into my crouch .after a few seconds she said no we cant do this just go home .so i left,but now i knew i had her.she is a famous person. (part 2 coming i wrote this while on sleeping tablets so forgive me for no capital letters and quotations and all grammar errors)

The next day i met her at work and asked her how are you ,she told me ",ï am feelin goofy".I felt good and she also said that she feels like walking on a cloud.I asked her if i could meet her next day.she agreed and i went to her mothers home .she had given me the directions so i made an excuse at home and pitched up there.we just talked as no one was at home.she told me she will come to her house at 2pm.i went back home and at 2 i pitched up at her home.i went in and she told me that nothing can come of this relationship.i told her ok but i need to make love to you just once.i held her and started to kiss her,she responded and started to kiss.i lay her on the bed and removed her jeans and then her cute puppy decorated panty.my erection had grown and she put her hand around she said no man can enjoy her as she cannot make love but i felt het and she was wet.i forced my erection ino her tight hole and started to trush. she responded immediately and she got into the rhythm and then she started to go wild and began lifting her body into the air as she screamed out and came.she asked me not to leak but i pulled out and leaked unto her thighs.I kissed her bye and then we started to meet and begin our affair that lasted 2 years.