Written by muis69

05 Dec 2012

I’m staying in a cabin…… deep in the woods just to get away from the rush of the City …. I need time to be on my own and to clear my head …

There’s a Waterfall close-by and it’s a warm summer’s night. I need to cool down and decide on going for a swim. I reach the water …. And there you are. You are busy bathing your glorious naked body. I have never seen anything like it before. You have a perfectly rounded tight bum and your back is gloriously muscled. I’m very curious as to what’s hiding in the front.

I’ve never been daring, and decide to get undressed. The sarong around me falls to the floor and I swim closer. You hear me and you turn around, quite startled….

I look at you and you can see the raw need and lust in my eyes. Your eyes turn into an Aqua fire and I can see that we share the same raw feelings…. You kiss me with your soft, but very firm lips. I open my mouth and give you the invitation to enter. You taste like a mixture of sandalwood and herbs - very masculine. I invite you by opening my mouth and you enter …. You slowly stroke the inside of my mouth. Our tongues dance together. My breath is already becoming labored. My hands start stroking your neck … up into your hair and I pull you closer. You wrap your hard arms around me. Your already erected penis is pushing against my stomach. I’m starting to burn up when you move to my neck and softly nibble my earlobe. I’ve never been this worked up so quickly from a simple kiss.

You touch my breast. My nipple is standing erect, just waiting for your attention. You lower your mouth and it feels as if I’ve been punched in the stomach when you put your warm mouth over it and start sucking softly, but firmly. My womb is contracting and my love juices are now flowing freely. You softly bite my nipple and I groan in pure need.

I take you hard penis in my hand and softly stroke it while you are still indulged in the nectar of my breasts. I can feel your head throb. Your testicles are tight with sperm build-up and you groan while I stroke your hard length.

Your hand is moving down to my wet dark depths. You slowly touch my clit and I have to stop myself from screaming in pure pleasure combined with agony. I can see the fire in your eyes when you realize how wet I am. You slowly stroke and your finger easily enters my womanhood. You build up a rhythm and I can feel my muscles starting to contract. You put in two fingers and I can’t take it anymore…. Not yet, not so quickly …. But I come …. My muscles contract and I can feel the ripples straight through my body.

I lead you out of the water and we use my discarded sarong for you to lie on. I’m sitting next to you and I start licking and nibbling every inch of your body. I leave the best for last. You groan when I eventually get to the tip of your manhood. I lick your juices off slowly …. I lick down your length … I lick your testicles. Eventually I take your full length into my mouth and I can hear how much you appreciate it. I’m sucking and licking and teasing. You can’t take the teasing anymore and roll me over on my back. I can see your control is slipping. You enter me vigorously and I come again after the third stroke. You are perspiring and I can see that you are trying your best not to let it finish too quickly. You manage to take control just before you come and take your manhood from me.

You open my legs and bury your face into me. You are licking, nibbling and rhythmically shoving your tongue into my womanhood. I can’t take anymore. You’re teasing my clit. You are putting your fingers into me. Three fingers and then eventually you try four. I can’t take anymore. I’m sure that I won’t be able to come again …. My knees are weak and they’re shaking. Then I come again … it’s so intense that the birds flutter from the trees with my scream.

I need you inside of me. You tease me with the tip of your manhood against my nub. You stroke my very sensitive clit. I beg you to enter me. You start with a slow rhythm and eventually you go faster and deeper and harder. I can feel you reaching into my throat with your manhood. O no…. not again. My muscles are starting to contract again. I can see you’re close. I can feel you throbbing inside of me. You ride me like a madman …. Harder and harder and faster……………………………We both come and I can feel your seed spill inside of me. I can feel the warmth …. You shudder and shudder and I sigh with pure female contentment …. I have officially been made love to thoroughly and now I know what it means to be a real woman.

After that, we never saw each other again …. But you haunted me for the rest of my life……..