Written by RSI72

16 Aug 2016

You come home after a hard day's work, I hear the car pulling into the driveway and wait for you at the door. You are tired and I open the door for you and give you a hug and a kiss.

I tell you I have something special for you and I ask you to trust me as I place a silk blindfold over your eyes. I lead you to the bathroom where I have prepared a hot bubble bath. I lead you to the front of the bath and begin to undress you until you are only on your lingerie. I gently kiss your neck and trail kisses down your back. You begin to say something, but I silence you with a finger to your lips and kiss you passionately. I remove your lingerie revealing your beautiful body as I caress and kiss you all over. I tell you I am going to lead you into the bath and help you in and let you sit down and relax in the foam bath. I take my clothes off and get into the bath behind you. I get you to sit up and I give you a back massage, I can hear you sighing in pleasure as you begin to relax and enjoy the massage. I then take the soap and sponge and begin to wash your back and neck. I tell you to stand up as I wash every part of your body for you. I then begin to rinse the soap off using my hands to caress the soap suds off your beautiful body, cupping your breasts and kissing your nipples, working my way up to your chin, kissing your lips as my hands remove the rest of the soap suds. I lead you out the bath and begin to dry you off with the bathroom towel, making sure I get every last drop of water off.

I lead you to the bedroom where I get you to lie down on the bed. I go to the kitchen and get a bowl of sweet strawberries. I sit down on the bed next to you and take a strawberry and place it near your lips as your tongue darts out to taste it. They are delicious and you eat it. I take the next one and run it over your tummy before I place it by your lips to eat. As you eat it I lick up the juices from your tummy. The next one I place by your belly button and I then kiss you, trailing kisses down your tummy to your belly button where I eat the strawberry licking up the juices. The next strawberry I place between my lips as I move towards you, we eat it together kissing and sharing the strawberry. I put the strawberries down and taking some juice I pour it over your breasts and begin to lick and suck the sweet juice from your breasts and nipples. You begin to moan with pleasure and tell me you want me to make love to you now.

I remove the blindfold and you notice the candle-lit room adorned with beautiful red roses and rose petals on the bed. We kiss passionately and we make passionate, tender love to each other all night long.