Written by Adrian

24 Nov 2016

“I promise you that, if you want it, I will be yours forever. But you have to make the choice." His words kept running through her head. Was she really actually considering this? It had been a week since their passion-filled meeting in the car park, but she could still hear him uttering those words as if he was right there in the room with her. James gave a snort in his sleep and rolled over onto his side. She still loved James, but he had grown distant and cold. Their lovemaking sessions felt more like a chore than anything else. Maybe he was seeing someone else. And, if that was the case, could she even hold it against him? Wasn’t she doing exactly the same thing? She glanced over at the alarm clock on the bedside stand. It was nearly midnight, and yet sleep was escaping her. With a sigh she got out of bed and walked to the kitchen.

She sat on the couch, lost in thought, the breeze through the open window cool on her naked skin. Who was her mystery lover? And more importantly, was she willing to give up her marriage for him? Sure, she was unhappy and James wasn’t making life easy for her, but she had promised to love him till death do them part. Was she actually considering breaking that promise? A drop of condensation fell from the glass she was holding onto her leg, snapping her attention back to the present. She sighed softly. Here she was, sitting naked in her living room, contemplating divorce instead of being in bed sleeping. She drained her glass, put it down and lay back on the couch.

His hands were gentle on her naked skin. She could feel him cupping her left breast, his breath warm on her nipple. He lightly teased her nipple with his tongue, causing it to pucker. She sighed with pleasure and he moved onto her right breast, giving it the same treatment. Then, slowly, he blazed a trail of hot kisses down her stomach until he reach the soft folds between her legs. Slowly, softly, he pushed his tongue between her wet labia, teasing her clit and making her moan with pleasure. He took his time, using his tongue to pleasure every inch of her, from her hard clit down to her wet opening and back up again. She ran her fingers through his hair, guiding him to her clit, tilting her hips to increase the pressure. He licked harder, but didn’t increase the pace, stimulating her without rushing. She could feel her orgasm building, but he kept her right at the edge, not allowing her to go over just yet. “Please,” she begged him. He laughed softly, but didn’t increase the pace. She was about to beg him again, plead with him, when he suddenly started licking her faster. She felt like his tongue was everywhere and she came hard, failing to suppress her scream of pleasure. Wave after wave rocked her, leaving her breathless. After an eternity her orgasm faded and she slumped back on the couch, breathing hard.

She felt his finger slip into her wet opening, and he found her g-spot, massaging it gently. She gasped as he applied light pressure, seeming to find the very centre of her being. James had never even bothered to figure out where her g-spot was, so she had never had it stimulated in this way before. She felt a deeper, even stronger orgasm building and, when it overtook her, lost herself completely to the pleasure, not caring who heard her screams. Her orgasm seemed to go on forever, and she never wanted it to stop. Finally it subsided and she lay on the couch, completely breathless. She could see him smile at her, his face not quite clear in the moonlight coming through the window. He stroked her cheek, and bent down to kiss her gently. Then he was gone.

She woke with a start, the breeze from the open window now cold on her skin. Was it a dream or had he been here with her? She reached between her legs and felt her wetness, her clit still swollen and throbbing lightly. She couldn’t have imagined it, could she? She had never had any dreams that felt this real before. Confused, she got up and closed the window. She was about to turn away when she saw the shoe print on the window sill. He had been here, in her house! Who was this man? How did he keep finding her? She stood staring out of the window for a long time……