Written by Adrian

24 Nov 2016

It was almost time. James was on top of her, his face red and sweaty. He stiffened and she could feel him squirting into her. With a groan he rolled off of her and lay on the bed, panting. Once again he didn't bother to bring her to orgasm. She didn't feel like a woman anymore, she felt like a tool. One that was used whenever James felt like it. They started using lubrication about 2 months ago, because she wasn't getting aroused at all. She longed for the passionate evening on the balcony, and the morning in the shower with her mystery lover. It had been over a month and he hadn't appeared again. "I'm going to take a shower" she told James, rolling out of bed. But he was already fast asleep, as usual.

The spray felt good on her skin. She just stood under it, enjoying the feeling of the water running over her body. She imagined her last encounter with her mystery man. His strong hands on her body, his warm tongue pleasuring her. She slipped a finger between her labia and teased herself lightly. She was already slick with excitement. Slowly, taking her time, she rubbed her clit, imagining his finger there. He would be teasing her, bringing her to the very edge and keeping her there. Only allowing her to orgasm when he decided. It would be beautiful torture. She realised that she was already very close. She tried to tease herself, to keep herself on the edge like he did, but she couldn't take it anymore. She quickened her pace, her orgasm overtaking her. For a while nothing mattered. The pleasure was all that existed. Then it was gone, and she was alone in the shower again. She wished that her mystery man were here, or that James would wake up and realise what an idiot he was being. She still loved him, but she longed to be treated like a woman, not just a sex toy. Tears filled her eyes, and she sank to the shower floor, frustrated and alone.

She had called up a friend, early the next morning, inviting her out for a day of shopping. They spent the day browsing from shop to shop, thoroughly enjoying themselves. Now, as she walked to her car, she felt the familiar feeling of dread washing over her. She wondered if James would want to use her again tonight. It was late so maybe he'd be sleeping already. Nearing her car, she realised that hers was the only one there. The car park was dark, making her nervous. Hurriedly she packed her bags in the car and walked to the driver's door. "Hello Jenna." She screamed and whirled around. She could make out his silhouette in the weak light. "I'm sorry that I scared you, but I had to see you again." She remembered that deep voice well, and her heart began to thump for a different reason. "Where were you?" she nearly screamed. "I thought you had forgotten about me!" He walked closer and took her face gently in his hands. Bending down he kissed her, lightly at first, but then deeper and more passionately as she pulled his head closer to hers. She lost all track of time. They could have been standing there for seconds or hours. Finally, he pulled away. "I'm sorry I kept you waiting. I had matters to take care of." She opened her mouth to reply, but he placed his finger across her lips, gently silencing her. Then he bent his head down and kissed her neck. She ran her fingers through his hair as his lips worked magic on her skin. Gently he pushed her backwards until she was leaning against her car. He sank to his knees and lifted up her mini-skirt. She felt him kiss her most intimate parts through the thong that she was wearing. Grabbing his head, she pushed his face into her, craving more pressure. She heard him chuckle and felt her thong sliding to one side. Then his tongue pushed between her labia and found her slick clit. She gasped as he used broad slow strokes, licking her all the way down to her wet opening and back up. He seemed to know exactly what she wanted, without her telling him. She could feel her orgasm building and expected him to slow down, to tease her as he always did. But he kept going, quickening his pace. Her orgasm hit her hard, and she had to stop herself from screaming out in pleasure. Wave after wave of intensity washed over her. It seemed to go on forever! Finally, after an eternity, her orgasm started to subside, and she realised that he wasn't stopping. He kept his pace going and before long a second, even more intense orgasm overtook her. She moaned loudly, unable to stop herself. Eventually her orgasm subsided and she sank to her knees, her legs weak. She felt his strong arms encircle her, pressing her against him. They kissed gently and she was surprised to feel his hard length throbbing against her through his clothing. She fumbled for his belt buckle and, after a short struggle managed to free his manhood from his clothes. He gasped as she took him into her warm mouth. She decided it was payback time, so she kept her pace quick, sucking him hard. Before long he stopped her. "I want to be inside of you. If you keep this up, that won't happen!" He gently helped her to her feet again and turned her around. She heard a metallic crinkling and the snap of a condom, and then he was easing himself into her from behind. Once again she was reminded of how much bigger he was than James. He took his time, giving her body a chance to stretch to accommodate him. He filled up every inch of her and she shuddered with pleasure. He started moving slowly at first, taking his time, but she could sense his urgency, so she started moving with him, quickening the pace. Before long they had completely given over to their passion, two bodies moving urgently as one. Their orgasms overtook them simultaneously, both crying out in pleasure, giving themselves to the moment. Time stood still, and nothing mattered but the pleasure. After what seemed like hours, their orgasms faded, and he held on to her, kissing her neck. "Wow, that was amazing!" she said, after finding her voice again. "Yes, but it is because you're amazing," he whispered in reply. He felt her shoulders shake, and realised that she was crying. He turned her around, looking concerned. "What's wrong? Did I hurt you?" "No, you didn't hurt me," she said, sniffing. "I just haven't felt this close to anyone in a while. I've missed it." He hugged her, and they stood there for a time, holding on to one another. "Please don't leave me again," she said, looking up at his face. "I'm always around. You are never alone," he answered. "And I promise you that, if you want it, I will be yours forever. But you have to make the choice."

She drove home, his words running through her head. Was she really ready to give up on James, and for a man she barely knew? And how did this mystery man keep finding her? She had so many questions, but one thing she knew for sure, she was really looking forward to their next encounter...