Written by Adrian

24 Nov 2016

She lay in bed, wondering about her mystery encounter the previous evening. Who was this man who gave her such pleasure? More pleasure than she had ever known was possible. James had already left for his conference, leaving her in the dark hotel bedroom. As usual he had just jumped out of bed when his alarm went off, leaving her alone and unsatisfied. After her encounter the previous evening she was extremely horny, but James had just muttered that he was going to be late and left. She stretched and got out of bed. It was still dark, but she kept the lights off. “Might as well take a shower and get this day started,” she thought to herself, walking to the bathroom.

Hot water cascaded over her lithe, naked body. She enjoyed the spray, not washing, just standing under the stream of hot water. Suddenly, strong arms encircled her from behind, making her jump. She was about to scream when she caught his manly scent. The same scent that he had last night. She tried to turn around but as before he held her in place. “Who are you?” she asked, but his only response was to softly kiss her on her neck. His left arm held her in place, but his right arm was exploring her wet naked skin. He softly ran his hand over her stomach up towards her breasts. He gently cupped them and lightly played with her dark nipples, making them pucker. He started kissing her on her shoulders, very gently, moving down her spine. She could feel his hot breath on her skin, and his strong hands on her body, one hand holding her, the other exploring. She could feel her wetness building already, her arousal making her breathe hard. He continued kissing down her back, reaching her firm buttocks. He trailed kisses on either side of her cleft, down to the rounding where her bottom met her legs. Gently he parted her legs, and using his hand, bent her slightly forward. “Please tell me who you are.” she begged, and then cried out as his tongue found her wet and hard clit from behind. He licked it slowly, using light strokes of his tongue, causing her to shudder with pleasure. She held on to the shower wall as his deft strokes sent waves of pleasure through her body. All coherent thought left her head as she felt her orgasm building. Just before she could reach it he stopped licking and gently kissed her outer lips. “Please, I’m so close.” she begged, but he just kept kissing and licking her labia. Then he eased his right hand between her legs and slid his index finger into her hot pussy. She cried out again as he found her G-spot and gently massaged it. She realised that he was keeping her right at the edge of orgasm, teasing her, taking his time. She wanted so desperately to go over the edge, to release the tension inside of her. He slid his finger out and gently circled her clit, causing her to grind against his hand, trying to get more contact. He skillfully kept her right at the very edge, teasing her mercilessly. Suddenly, he took his finger away and she was about to complain when his tongue found her clit, this time licking it hard and fast. Her orgasm overtook her so hard and so suddenly that she gasped for breath, struggling to stay upright as wave after wave of pleasure gripped her.

As her orgasm finally subsided, she realised that he wasn’t stopping. He kept the pressure and tempo going, and within seconds she could feel a second orgasm building. This time she cried out as her orgasm shook her, the intensity almost making her collapse. After what seemed like an eternity, her orgasm subsided and he stood up, holding her against him to steady her. It was only then that she noticed that he was naked as well, his hard length pressing against her back. She reached around and gripped him, causing him to gasp. She started stroking him slowly, feeling him throb in her hand. He was much bigger than James, filling her hand completely. She reached around with her other hand and realised that, even using two hands, she still couldn’t grip his full length. He was massive! Turning around, she sank to her knees, the gloominess of the bathroom and the spray in her eyes still making it hard for her to see him. She felt him stiffen as she took him into her mouth, and she started licking and sucking him gently. He groaned with pleasure as she increased her pace, skillfully teasing him with her tongue. Suddenly, he bent down and gently lifted her to her feet again. Picking her up, he leaned her against the wall, kissing her neck. She wrapped her legs around his waist and felt his hot throbbing length against her pussy lips. She gasped as he eased into her, taking his time, sensing that she wasn’t used to his size. He moved slowly, and she could feel her body stretching to accommodate him. She had never felt anything like this! Using her legs on his hips she started matching his rhythm, picking up speed as she did. He seemed to fill her entire universe, and she could feel another orgasm building. She increased her pace as her orgasm approached and cried out against his neck. It was like no orgasm she’d ever had! She could barely breathe as wave after wave of pleasure filled her. It became her entire universe, nothing existed outside of it.

After an eternity, her orgasm subsided, leaving her breathless. She realised that he had stopped moving, giving her time to recover. He held her to him, still buried within her. She squeezed her pussy muscles and giggled as he groaned. Moving slowly up and down, she kissed him passionately. She could sense in his breathing that he wasn’t going to last much longer and she increased her pace. He stiffened and then cried out against her neck, spurting his hot juices into her. It seemed to her that his orgasm lasted forever, his breathing hard and fast. Finally, he lowered her to the floor and kissed her gently. “Will you tell me who you are now?” she asked, and he laughed and soaped her up. After washing and drying each other, he picked her up and carried her to her bed. He kissed her again, and stood up. “Please tell me who you are, please!” she begged him. “Soon”, he said, his voice deep. “But we might be leaving soon, how will you find me?” “Don’t worry, I will never be far away,” he said. “I will find you”. And with those cryptic words he left the room. She got up and ran to the door, but he was gone.

She made herself a cup of coffee and sat naked on the private balcony. The same balcony where she had her first encounter with him. Who was he, and how would he find her again? Would she ever see her mystery lover’s face?