Written by LickSuck69

01 Sep 2017

The sun has appeared from beneath the horizon and has started to peep through the windows, the birds and the bees have started to appear again. The bulbs have made their first appearance through the soil, the tree have started to show off their leaves again, some of the flowers have already shed some of their petals on the ground, while others had opened to catch some of the sun, while others were still contemplating if it was time to make an appearance, or wait until much more needed by us, to make the ladies of our lives more happy again.

The orders were placed for the bouquets of flowers to be delivered all over the countryside, but my two very special bouquets, were to be delivered to, two ladies very close to me, both were teachers of a different kind. The addresses were given to the the different florist so as not to leave any trail who they had been sent from. It was Friday and the weekend was near, and we all had our plans how we would be spending our spring weekend in the new fresh air. Off to work we all went..

The one teacher worked from home running a day care center for the children in the complex , while the other taught at a school nearby, but we all lived in a birds eye view from each other. the day started as normal for everyone, not expecting it to be any different from any other Friday for the two ladies, just wishing it would past by quickly so the two could have a peaceful restful weekend again. Little did they know what was in the spring air for them. The only person who knew about the surprise in the air was me. Arrangements were made for the flowers to be delivered around midday at the to different destinations. Phoning both of the florist to make quiet sure if the flowers would be delivered as planned, the florists said they would let me know when the flowers had been delivered, waiting for their call, I carried on with my work as Friday was a busy day in the liquor store . Finally the return calls came to me, saying all the flowers had been signed, sealed and delivered. Wondering who would be first to think who had sent the flowers, I was waiting for a phone call, which never arrived all day long, which proved none had work out who had sent the flowers.

Knock knock on the door the delivery was made to my wife.....the children screamed teacher there is someone at the door. My wife opened the door, to her surprise stood the delivery person with a huge bouquet of flowers, and the children screamed gain teacher you are so lucky, signing for the flowers and closing the door behind her again. My wife opened the envelope which had accompanied the flowers, only to read the message, which read, " Happy Spring Day from you Know Who." The children asked teacher who are the flowers from, she answered I don't know. The one child shouted out maybe it was my daddy. My wife not quiet sure who had sent them, as I always sent her flowers from the same florist and a message in my own hand writing, she was not quiet sure, what she must do with the flowers. While seen off the children and none of the parents asking if she had received her flowers for spring day, and complementing on how nice the flowers looked, my wife still wondered where they had come from, thinking it had come from the one child Danny's dad who always sent her flowers on her birthday, but Danny was not at school that day, so she had noway of finding out if it was him or not. While chatting to the last child's parents at the front door, Joanne from across the street arrived home, and getting out her car, she took out her bouquet of flowers and greeted my wife and went inside.

After the parents had left, Joanne came across to my wife and said I have to tell you what had happened to me. I was teaching my last class for the day when the principal entered my class and said, look what has just been delivered you , feeling embarrassed and the pupils starting to laugh, I took the flowers from him and put them on my desk, and the pupils kept on asking who sent them to you Miss. So Joanne opened the envelope to read the message, which read " Happy Spring Day from the Birds and The Bees. " My wife then looked at Joanne, and said, she also got a bouquet of flowers to day from an anonymous sender, but she was not sure if it came from the one child Danny's dad. Joanne then asked my wife from which florist were her flowers delivered from, so my wife showed Joanne her message and the name of the florist, Joanne said, no it's not the same florist which had delivered my flowers. Joanne then left, even more confused than before, and my wife went to shower as she was going out with her children's mother's on a women's evening out to celebrate Spring Day.

On arriving home from work and not a single phone call from either of them, knowing all to well that they are both confused, I entered the the front door only to be hit with the sight of a fantastic bouquet of flowers, so I shouted out to my wife, happy Spring Day, who are the flowers from, she answered not quiet sure, was it you, I politely said sorry not from me, I forgot this year. So my wife now ready to leave to meet up with her friends at the restaurant not far from where we lived, She grabbed me round my neck and gave me a passionate kiss and said good bye......see you later.....and be good..... which was her normal way of greeting when leaving.

With my wife gone, and sipping on my glass of red wine, and listening to music, the front door bell rang.......I shouted out, " Who is there," because I was not expecting anyone, then I heard a voice answer, it is " The Angel from Hell for The Bird and The Bees.... I opened the door and there stood Joanne with a great big grin.....grabbed me round the neck and gave me a great passionate kiss and said thanks for the wonderful bouquet of flowers, which she had placed on the table at her front door for me to see. Joanne joined me for a glass of red wine to celebrate Spring Day, and she told me what had happened when her flowers were delivered at the school. I just burst out laughing, and said hope you did not tell my wife, she said just had to tell her, but did not tell her who she had thought who the flowers had come from, because it it could only be me who would do something like that to her. I then said to Joanne, I will let my wife sweat for a few more days before letting her know who her flowers were from. Joanne said, she would tell my wife her flowers were from Kobus who we all knew had a great eye for her, and Joanne said, she owes me big time for the great Spring Day surprise. My wife laughed when she heard that I had sent the flowers to her......and said wait I will get you.........