Written by AimsToPlease

05 Nov 2012

As stories go, once upon a time there was a princess famed for her beauty.

A young officer of her guard fell madly in love with her.

His love was so overwhelming that one day not being able to keep it in anymore he spoke to her and confessed his burning love. The Princess gave him a long, cold look, but after a while she spoke and said ‘men often speak of eternal love, but their promises not unlike their desires, fade quickly’. As the officer started out to protest the truthfulness and depth of his feelings she put a finger on his lips and said ‘we shall put your words to the test, I dare and challenge you to sit on the plaza outside the palace opposite my balcony, if you manage to stay on guard without never ever leaving your station for a 100days and a 100 nights at end of it I will agree to be yours and become your wife’.

The soldier elated at the prospect took up the challenge and with a light heart he took a chair and posted on the plaza opposite the palace. As days and nights went by, he grew thin, his hair and nails grew long and kids taunted him throwing eggs and rotten tomatoes at him. And yet the young officer bravely hung on with stubborn resignation. By day the sun blazing on his helmet and armour he was almost cooked inside, by night shivering with cold. First days, then weeks went by. And never once did the soldier flinch or doubt nor did his resolve weaken so strong were his feelings for the Princess.

And the Princess went on with her daily activities and every night she would close the blinds of her bed room windows, and kill the candles as she went to sleep. And all that time she never ever gave him a smile of encouragement, not a nod of acknowledgement, not even a glance as she completely ignored the soldier who sat immobile like a statue, his eyes reddened by sleep deprivation, his armour and helmet covered in bird shit.

Then at long last came the last day, followed by the last night, and still the soldier remained on his love watch. An hour or so before dawn, he seemed to come to life, he shuddered, got up, stretched.

He grabbed his chair, and …..left!