Written by Natkloppendepoes

15 Oct 2016

I woke up to my phone buzzing on the pillow next to me! It's mother-in-law! My thoughts "wtf does she want?" I answered the phone with a made up huge yawn - "yes Mom! What's up?" "Morning my sweetie," I roll my eyes. "Just reminding you Joe is flying in on Monday morning and that you have to fetch him yourself as I'll only be booking out here at 10am and the drive back will not let me be in time to fetch him at the airport"

What's new? I said all in order and cut the call. My watch reads 8:10, I locate 62year old's number and call him. He answers immediately. "Come over, I'm waiting, let's continue where we left off yesterday."

I jump into the shower and washed quickly but lingered on my pussy and I savoured my own touch on my clit and pussy entrance. My boobs are so full and beautiful. I play with them teasing the nipples and I feel the sexual build up deep inside of me and my pussy starts throbbing in eagerness of a cock!

I finished up and dried myself. I put on a light chiffon kimono and nothing else.

Then I heard his Pajero in the drive-way and the double click sound as he activated the alarm. I let him in and he grabbed me and lifted me up onto his hips and he kissed me passionately! "You drive me crazy, I haven't slept most of the night thinking of you, how you fucked me, how you sucked and deepthroated my cock, good grief girl, I'm your fuck slave forever!"

I just smiled thinking "That's all good, I like it."

We went to the bedroom and he stripped naked saying: "Today it's my turn to fuck you the way I want to!" Who am I to complain, go ahead and do me, I'm all game.

He slipped off my kimono, lifted me onto the bed and started kissing my breasts, sucking the nipples and at the same time fingering my pussy, pushing 1, then 2, then 3 fingers into me. He started a slow rhythm and gradually increased until the point where he just rapidly fucked me with his fingers and I felt that I was on the brink of orgasm then he abruptly pulled his fingers out.

I looked at him but his head was going down onto my pussy. I bounced up as his tongue and mouth lapped at my clitoris. I pushed his head into my pussy, I so wanted this ecstatic feeling not to stop, I felt my orgasm close and the next moment I collapsed on his face as I came, shaking uncontrollably, my whole body convulsed and I let out a stream of water!

"Beautiful, wonderful Babe," I heard him say but my brain was not functioning, I was still reeling with this intense feeling of orgasmic bliss. I was in total euphoria. I felt numb but a great feeling of numbness!

If I thought all was over I was in for a surprise. He straddled me and slowly entered his huge cock into my very swollen and sensitive pussy. I didn't enter me fully, it stuck out still. He pushed into me and I felt his huge cock filling my pussy and as he picked up rhythm I pushed back in sync with him. I came twice as he pushed into me and then the earth shattering explosion as we climaxed together. It was out of this world this feeling inside of - I cant say whether it was his expert manner of fucking or the fact that I'm a super super horny woman, that gave us both this earth shattering orgasm! We had to rest and only fucked twice afterwards before he had to leave. Experience counts, age doesn't matter, a good fuck is always welcomed by me. I will fuck Joe again. My husband will be home for just a month. He leaves again for Dubhai on November 18. I'll not be fucking anyone else but him until then!