Written by LickSuck69.

28 Jul 2016

My Late Wife and I always had the fantasy of making love while watching the sun setting over the sea while living in Johannesburg. That became a reality when we moved to Cape Town.

After packing a picnic basket we would head for the sea, sitting on the sand and a cocktail in the hand, memorized by the sight of the sun over the sea the thoughts of our fantasy would lead our thoughts to be taken over by our deeds.

Leaning back sipping on our cocktails, fantasizing into the distant sun, my bored hand started to explore the trail on her legs, rubbing her legs with my soft hands leads her thoughts into place of naughtiness. She slowly returns the favour to me, by slowly running her hand up my leg into the leg of my shorts and grabs hold of my cock and screams. While slowly wandering with my hand , I feel to find out that she has left pussy open and easy for me to pleasure it for her. After slowly teasing her lips with my finger tips, causing her to pussy to get very moist and her lips wanting to be massaged by the tip of my tongue, she screams, please, please, and she pushes my face on to her nice clean moist pussy. Running the tip of my tongue between her legs and on her highly excited pussy, she starts to moan which leads to her squirting all over me. She then grabs my rock hard cock, and forces it into her mouth and deep down her throat, biting on the shaft, causing it to weep in her mouth

Before leaving the sun almost hidden behind the sea, we loved to have a romp on the sand and many people thinking why was it not me. Favorite places we, Sandy Bay, Llundudna, Milnerton and Blouberg.