Written by JaeStar*

10 Feb 2016

His lips were just as juicy as I had imagined em to be, sOo soft and tender with a kiss that leaves me wanting more.... can he not stop! If only he knew what his kiss is doing to me...

A soft whisper in my ear after a steamed up session of kissing in the shower: "I want you" 

In my mind it all still feels like a really good dream that I don't want to be woken up from. I want him too my body is already responding before I utter any word. In bed he said: "let me give you an experience you'll never forget" and my Oh my he went down on me and quenched his thirst of desire, at first I didn't know how to respond to it but his hands on my thighs and him telling me to close my eyes and relax (My Word his such a gentleman!!!) I felt his tongue, his lips and his loving... it was just too damn good t‎o be true, where has he been all this while???!!! Why haven't I experienced this pleasure before? That muff sent me to cloud 9 and a mile or two beyond!!! All my desires were being fulfilled in one go, all my emotions, hormones and feelings going uncontrollably crazy and wild, his skin on my skin, his soft skin but masculine body on my body, baby we went missionary (My favourite) with his dick fitting soo well into my pussy we made love, hot sexy and passionate love. Whilst riding and rocking me gently, we kissed... his KISS!!! My God it drives me crazy. His just soo damn sexy, his skin complementing mine I swear we're the perfect match.