Written by GwenDDF

19 Feb 2013

The fabric of my shirt flutters as it falls to the floor… Your fingers now fumbling to undo my bra, your hands shaking just a bit at the anticipation of clasping my firm pink breasts…. I feel your hands moving the straps over my shoulders…. My breasts now released completely…. Your warmth covers them as your hands gently squeeze…. You then undo my skirt, dropping it to the floor… You gently lay me down on the cold, silky bedding… You stretch over me, and tie my hands together with your tie, and then fasten it to the bed post... You pull me down so that i can’t move my arms, they are fully in place, and immobile... I close my eyes, and you lean over kissing me, our tongues exploring, my lips tasting your lust....hmmmm.... you work your way down, kissing my neck, slowly making your way to my breasts, and then take my nipple into your mouth and start to suck, and nibble on it while your hand pulls and teases my other nipple.... “Oh, my breath escapes me” you now move further down, circling my navel, sending shivers down my spine, my body now needing you, wanting your fullness inside me... you now brush over my pussy, and work your lips on my inner thigh…. I can feel your warm breath on my skin, shooting bolts of electricity through me…. The anticipation building up, “Oh Please!” i beg, as i want you there! You reach your target, and slowly rub your fingers over the impression of my lips hiding underneath my white lace panties…. You kiss me there, and then slip my panties aside, and then slip your tongue between my smooth hairless lips…. Tasting my now wet and throbbing spot, you slip my panties off, and start circling my clit with your tongue, making me feel almost lost with pleasure…… You insert a finger, and then two... I gasp for air, and you start rubbing my pussy on the inside, touching my G-spot.... you suck on my clit as you do, and I orgasm under your spell, and my hands automatically push you away, as my body shakes in delight. I pull you towards me and kiss your lips still drizzled with my delectable juices…. We kiss and touch for a bit, and then I push you onto your back, and slowly make my way down to your manhood, you can now feel my warm breath, and moist mouth on your skin as I take you into my mouth, and devour you…… My lips tightening around your shaft as i take you in all the way, and then suck hard, i then start moving up and down, circling my tongue on every up, and then sucking hard on every down..... “Oh, you taste so good” i growl between my teeth.... I stop and crawl over you until I reach your mouth, and then I kiss you... Your hands taking my hips, and directing them, slipping your throbbing manhood into me, sending shivers down my spine, making me halt my breath, and releasing sounds of ecstasy..... I slowly move my body up and down, getting into our own rhythm as the world around us seems to vanish, your hands caressing my breasts as they bouncy to and frow... and there is only you and I left, and the sounds of our breathing..... We stare into each other’s eyes, feeling as close as two people can..... We carry on for what seems to have no end..... when you take your hands, and lift me off you, taking control, you turn me over onto all fours, whispering in my ear “hold on baby”.... you grab my hair as you forcefully enter me, and i can barely breathe, i’m so full, so full of you!!! Delicious and tantalizing.... you start picking up your pace, and with every inward stroke you seem to fuck me harder, “Yes!” i mumble, and then blurt out ”YES baby, fuck me! Fuck me HARD” grinding our bodies together, our flesh combined, our soul’s colliding. Sweet delectable passion getting too much to bare, my whole body tensing up, you feel my body shaking as I start to climax, and you can feel me tighten around you, bringing you to ecstasy, and you release with me, my body feels like it shatters into a million little pieces, and we both collapse, lying in pure bliss, still entwined….