Written by ScottScorp

04 Sep 2015

How we made it to the bathroom I don’t know. I just remembered my lips being crashed against her waiting mouth, a strong heart beating beneath my eardrums, and then the warm softness of her breasts under my hands...

I stepped into the tub and she stopped me. “Wait.” I tensed and when my cock swelled further, she knew I understood what she wanted. “Baby . . .” her nipples were hard protruding... I loved it when she gave me head.

She gripped my erection with dripping wet hands and pulled my up thrust cock down to her waiting mouth. Her tongue darted out and licked across the tiny hole at the tip and I shuddered violently. “Baby,” I breathed, my hands sliding through her water-slicked hair. “You’ll kill me.”

The smile she gave me was pure mischief. “What a way to go heah?” Opening her mouth, she sucked the thick crest just barely inside, her tongue flickering, teasingly across the

sensitive spot just underneath. My thighs quivered and she reached around with one hand and cupped my ass.

“Yes,” I hissed, my hips rocking gently. “Your mouth is so fucking hot . . . the way you lick my cock . . .” I can see she attempted to smile. She redoubled her efforts, sucking stronger, her fingers kneading into the firm cheeks of my ass. Her head bobbed as she rode the

pulsing length with her mouth. My groans and guttural cries just motivated her to move faster. She took me as deep as she could until I butted up against the narrowing of her throat.

“Fuck. Ah, fuck, that feels so damn good, Baby!”

She pulled back, licking me, swirling around my cumslicked head before caressing the length of my cock. Tracing each throbbing vein with the tip of her tongue. She cupped

my balls and rolled them tenderly, then reached her finger back and massaged my perineum.

I gasped and cursed, swelling thicker. She moaned in pleasure, I can imagine her pussy is slick and hot in anticipation of my cock plunging inside her. “I’m going to come,” I warned, fucking her mouth with mindless thrusts that I kept shallow by fisting the base.

She could pull back and let me ride her to the finish. I would love that, too, but it seems as if she wanted this. Wanted to feel me come... She hummed a sound of encouragement and I growled. “That’s it,” I crooned from deep down my throat. “Suck my cock, sweetheart. Make me come. I’m so close . . . fuck . . . just like that . . . Baby!”

I spurted hard and thick, my hoarse cries of release filling the bathroom. I yanked free and pulled her up, hitting her chest with a burst of semen before I pushed her bottom onto the edge of the tub and thrust inside her hungrily clenching pussy. She cried out in startled pleasure, the feel inside her pulsing vagina so delicious.

I wrapped my body around her and pressed my sweat misted forehead into the crook

of her neck. “I love you.” She held me tight. “I love you, too, baby.” she muttered, licking me off her lips. I’m straightening and rolling my hips, stroking inside her. “Like this?”

I withdrew, then thrust shallowly. Then withdrew again and thrust deeply. She writhed and slipped on the watery ledge of the tub. I grinned and pinned her hips down with my hands. “Feel good?” Rocking in and out, I fucked her pussy with breathtaking strokes, focussing to concentrate on the spot just inside her vagina.

I was branding her from the inside out with my heated, by now rock hard again, cock. “. . . more,” she urged, her nails digging into my skin. “But you’re so tight. I don’t think you can take any more of me.” I grin with pure male satisfaction. She tightened up everything inside her and make me squirm. “I can take you, big guy.”

I pushed her backwards and set both hands on either side of her. “I don’t have much leverage with my feet in a hot tub of bubbles.”

“Excuses, excuses.” She set her hands behind her and wrapped her legs around my hips. “Lucky for us, I’ve been working out.” Tightening her thigh muscles, she lifted her buttocks up, sliding herself onto my cock.

“Fuck,” I breathed, “That feels damn good.” She pouted. “I wanna come.”

“Your wish is my command.” Reaching between her legs, I placed my thumb over her clit and thrust my cock in slow, shallow digs. Circling. Rubbing.

“Yes,” she whispered, “Oh god, yes!” She shuddered and I whispered to her naughty words of encouragement to made her orgasm last. “So beautiful. That sweet little cunt sucking on my cock.” I kept stroking through her grasping ripples. “I’m going to get you in bed and ride you the way I want to. Hard and deep.”

“Do it,” she sobbed, clinging to me...