Written by bornready4fun

29 Mar 2014


This happened a few years ago but the fond memories are still erotic enough to always make me horny/

Back in the days I was still a nursing student, somehow with my dancing I hooked up with this really sexy piece of meat. One thing led to another and we became a couple after he admitted that he was still married but separated and he will be in Pretoria for three months…………. Definitely enough time to get totally hooked.

For the first time in my life I had a real kinky lover and it was amazing, instead of flowers being delivered at work it was new toys…………….. Jip learned very fast not to open anything from him in front of others. This one Friday at work a package arrive for me and the matron calls me in to receive it… Very nosy she wanted to know if it’s my birthday and I said no – where as she insisted to open it …………. I’m sure she will never do that again cause when she opened it was a funky rabbit vibrator with the message: “ TONIGHT IM GOING TO MAKE YOU SCREAM, BE READY AND WET” Believe me I didn’t know where to put my head but I'm sure she felt even worse.

7 bells arrived and so did my knight in shining armour. He told me we will go out for supper and then off to the club so I knew its going to be a late night for sure…. We had a wonderful meal and then he gave me a small package – Mmmmmmmm knowing well about the other one I just knew it had something to do with sex. Jip as I thought it was silver balls. He told me to go to the ladies room and insert them and come back. Well it felt rather stupid this ice cold metal balls inside me and trying to walk normally but what the hell ….. Only young once, and for this guy I would have done anything. Back at the table we started kissing oooooooooooooooo my God the one minute I was just kissing and the next minute I felt something vibrating inside me…………..he had a remote and turned it on … WOW WOW WOW what an amazing feeling I was instantly wet and super horny so I immediately started stroking his cock through his pants… Just love it when I can feel how turned on his getting. We fondle like crazy and then he told me to stop …………….. This was killing me I’m way to hot blooded to be stopped at a time like this.

We finished our desert and off to the club. I’m a dancer from very young and loves ballroom so off course when we entered all the regulars was asking me to dance and he just told me to enjoy ……………….. Very weird feeling to dance with someone you know as a friend and then suddenly my boyfriend will turn the balls on and I will be soaking wet and horny and can’t do anything about it. After an hour or so I told him I’m going to the ladies room and he better get me there because I can’t take it anymore.

After a few minutes he joined me in the bathroom and it felt like I wanted to rape him so horny and wet. Almost tore his clothes off and went down on him sucking his cock hard and fast………….. I just hadn’t time to be soft and gentle because I wanted his cock inside me now. He sat down on the toilet and I immediately straddled him. Just couldn’t wait to feel him fill my pussy up. He thrusted deep in and I let out a loud moan…………… “SILENT” he told me and this is one thing that I can’t do so he had his hand over my mouth while I’m riding him hard and fast. Within seconds I felt I couldn’t hold it anymore and with a loud moan I started trembling my orgasm over his cock still buried inside me…………….. useless to say with me climaxing like that there was just no way for him to hold back and with a mighty thrush he emptied himself deep inside me…………… o fuck this feel sooooooooooooooo good.

We cleaned ourselves up and he said ok you had your relieve so put the balls back in. This man was def on a mission. I was def not going to moan about that

We went back inside and danced the night away. At about 3 in the morning we decided its time to go.

I realised we are not taking the road home and asked him where we are going……… with a little smile he just said: “you don’t want to wake your mother up with your screaming so I decided on another place” it’s a surprise….

What a surprise when he stopped in front of a hotel. Our room was on the top floor and when one stand at the window you have this panoramic view over Pretoria. On the bed lay the most beautiful lingerie in red and black………………. Wonder how long he was thinking I’m going to have it on

Mmmmmmmmmmmm and now you have to wait for the rest to unfold………………………………..