Written by JohanMeyer69

24 May 2014

This story is true and happened about 6 or 7 years ago my younger brother met this woman and after some time they got married. They lived very close to me and we all spent alot of time together. Her and I became very close as he never wanted to go anywhere with her or do to much with her, if she wanted to go someplace he would tell her why don't you get my brother to go with you. As a result of this her and I became very very close as you will see later.

After about 7 or 8 months I was at their house one evening and she was in the kitchen cooking dinner I was in there talking to her and my brother was sitting in the living room watching T.V. which is what he always wanted to do. I came up behind her and scared her and she turned around and put her face close to mine and said I wouldn't do that to often and she gave me a sexy smile and started laughing. I took that as a green light and I started whispering in her ear that I thought she was hot which she was and I told her I wanted her. She turned around and said yeah you would like that and gave me that smile again

This went on for a couple of months her teasing me every chance she got. Then one day in the summer she was working putting a stereo in her car and she was wearing real short shorts and a halter top. I stopped and was standing outside the car talking to her and my brother was at work and she started teasing me again. I told her if she ever wanted to see what it was like to have 2 brothers she knew where to find me and left it at that.

I use to have a big cat and I asked her if she would come over and clip his claws for me and as usual my brother didn't want to go with her. She came in the house and I had my computer in the living room and had it turned on she started flirting with me and asked if I had any interesting pictures on it. I asked her what kind of pictures and she said pictures of you naked, I told her as a matter of fact I did. She came over to me and said can I see them? I told her no way. Then she looked at me and asked me if I wanted to see what my brother had and I said what are you talking about and she looked me in the eyes and pulled up her shirt and didn't have a bra on and showed me her beautiful tit's. I told her they were beautiful. She said if you play your cards right you might find out how fantastic they are. She asked if she can see the pictures of me and I said I suppose and I brought up one of the pictures of me naked with a hard on and she said the picture was so dark she could barely make out my cock in it and I knew she was full of crap but played along with her. She said let's get your cats claws done we were sitting on the floor and after she was done she looked at me and gave me that smile.

She scooted over to me and pulled up her shirt again and she said you want these don't you and I told her she could do anything to me and I was not going to give in to her I was joking with her she pushed my down on my back and said I want to see the real thing and she got on top of me and unzipped my pants and took out my cock and started stroking it and rubbing her pussy against me and it didn't take long for me to get a hard on. She said that is nice and I bet it feels as good as it looks. We messed around for a few more mins, but she had to get going. I used to drive a delivery truck local for the place I work for and one day while I was on the road she called my Cell phone and told me she was so horny and that my brother wasn't giving her any and told me if I wanted to stop by he had just left for work. I told her I would stop by in about an hour.

When I got there the door was unlocked and she was in their bedroom which was downstairs. I opened the door and called out her name but she didn't answer me. I went in and locked the door behind me and went to their bedroom door and looked in and she was laying on the bed sleeping. I walked over to the bed and sat on the edge of it and she woke up and looked at me and said will you make love to me. I said hell yes as I had wanted to for along time. She threw the covers off her and she was already naked and looked so beautiful laying there.She said that is not fair you still have your clothes on and she sat up and pulled my face to hers and kissed me and started undressing me.. When she got my pants open and took a hold of my cock it was already hard as a rock and she said I want that. She kissed her way down my chest and stomach and started licking my hard cock then with one swift move took it in her mouth and started sucking it and it felt fantastic.

After awhile I told her she better stop or I was going to cum she looked up at me and said please make love to me. I got on top of her and started kissing her and kissing her neck then down to her beautiful tit's and sucked them for awhile and her nipples were so hard. I kissed my way down her body and started licking her pussy and she tasted great.After a few mins. of this she pulled my head up and she leaned down and kissed me and said please fuck me with that big cock of yours I am about 7" when I get hard.I layed on top of her and slid it in her wet pussy and started fucking her slow she looked at me and said fuck me hard baby and I started fucking her like there was no tomorrow.After awhile she said she was going to cum and I said I was about ready to cum to and went to pull out and she grabbed my ass and said no you don't I want it inside me and I shot one hell of a load in her we layed there for awhile kissing and cuddling and she said that was great.I got dressed and told her I had to get going....I told her thanks she was hot in bed and she said no thank you and she said your not so bad yourself...... More to come later as it was not the only time.....