Written by Yunohu

19 Dec 2017

About a month ago we had a work conference. We were all booked in to a hotel for the night.

Months before the conference I use to always throw compliments at one of my bosses who is this white woman in her early fifties. I found her her very attractive. We will call her H.

I am an Indian guy. Good looking and also on the management level. So during the conference H sat next to me. She gave a speech and I complimented her on it . While sitting our legs were touching and from time to time she would squeeze my leg and look at me .

In the evening we had to all dress up and wow H was looking so sexy and I made sure she knew that.

As the night went in and I was dancing with some other girls and I could see the jealousy in H eyes.

I didn't want to upset her so I danced with her too and I again made sure she knew how beautiful and sexy she looked. As the party died down H asked me to help her carry some stuff to her room. As a manager she had a room to herself. When in the room H hugged me and thanked me for helping her and gave me a kiss on my lip. She looked at me and asked if I really thought she looked beautiful and I said not just beautiful but she is so sexy too. Before I know it we were kissing. Then she started telling me how neglected she is by her husband and he never says a nice word to her and I am such a gentleman and always so nice to her. I hugged her and slowly started caressing her back. Again she looked at me and we started kissing again. I start kissing her neck and she moans into my ear and asks me to make love to her. I look into her eyes and tell her I want to make love to her all night. I unzip her evening dress letting it fall to the floor. She looked so sexy in her black under wear. I hold her from behind kissing her neck and back. Slowly I put against the wall still kissing her back working my way down. I slip off her g string and start eating her ass and pussy. All I hear her say is oh my fuck as I tongue her asshole. While i eat her I remove my shirt. Moving back up I remove her bra and now she is totally naked. I turn her around lift her up and take her to the bed. Lie herr flat on her back I start kissing her again working my way down her body. She has such cute perky tits that I suck and nibble on while i rub her pussy. Infringer her and suck on my finger and she takes my fingers and sucks in them. I move back down to her pussy and I start licking her again from her ass all the way up to her pussy. I was sucking her everywhere and she just couldn't stop moaning and telling me to eat her pussy and lick her ass. It feels so fucking good. Do whatever you want to me I am yours baby. I sucked her until she came. As she lay there recovering I started to remove my pants . Without any hesitation she got off the bed on her knees and started to suck my cock. She sucked and strokes me .she was like. Woman possessed. I had to fuck her . Back in the bed I spread her legs and slowly put my cock on her pussy teasing her. Rubbing my cock on her pussy and clit until she told me to fuck her. I slid my entire cock into her slowly fucking her . She started telling me she loves me and I am hers to have whenever. We kissed and licked each other as we fucked.. she was so incredible and really enjoyed sex. We fucked a few times that night. Cuddled spoke to each other and just made love again and again. She even sucked me until I came in her mouth . We still from time to time make plans to meet and enjoy each other.