11 Jul 2018

My husband left early in morning for a couple of days, so to make up for the coming lack of sex

he took his time with me for most of the night. He fucked me non stop, in any hole and everywhere,

on the couch, on the floor, on the table, on the bed. The walls were still vibrating from all the moaning... My lips were red for so much oral sex, my butt hole still pulstaing and my

pussy was just too tender; her lips were red and I could barely walk.

The doorbell rang. It was my lady neighbor for a casual coffee visit. I let her in, wearing just a

short silk gawn. I mentioned to her that I am in a state of pain... pleasurable pain, but still pain

and she offered to make the coffee. While sitting on the lounge coach I told her the whole pain story. She looked at my legs and her eyes stopped over my nipples protruding through the silk, perhaps a bit too

long. Then she said that she can give me a soothing massage. I though it was just what I needed.

We went to the bedroom and laid down like a good girl, but somehow, I felt excitement, a feeling

that is neither here or there, looking at her, oiling her hands. I noticed her long legs, her

larger-than-mine breasts and... her breath, which was now long and deep.

Her palms touched my skin. Like an electric shock all my senses responded. I felt the touches of her hands deep inside my body. My eyes were closed but I could feel her joy in touching me. I started

feeling more and more excitement and frustration too, as her hands were caressing my thighs, my legs,

my tommy, arms and neck, yet avoiding my breasts or my venusian mount. When she spread my legs I

got scared and at the same time expecting something else, but she only massaged my inner thighs, moving

up and up... until her fingers, with a touch of a butterfly touched my clit. I could feel both, mine and her excitements blending into something too powerful to describe. My fingers were moist, my body

was an earthquake in the happening.

She stopped. You're dripping - she said. I stood half up and looked between my legs.

My pussy was flooded and her juice dripped on the bedding too. My lips were trembling with

desire and excitement; I looked at her and I said in a stern voice (at least I wanted to sond like that)

that I am not a lesbian, I love cock. At that moment I realized in awe that my left arm was holding her

thigh and two of my fingers were inside of her vagina. I'm not a lesbian either... she said, but you

are so... lovable. A couple of seconds passed where I could only feel my heart pumping in my clit.

In a sudden move, I grabbed her shoulders bringing her lips to mine and started kissing. It was a long

kiss; could have been a minute, an hour or an eternity. I flipped her placing me on top, feeling a mix

of violence, anger, desire, jealousy, shyness and whispered I want to fuck you