Written by Unknown

03 Jun 2018

What a awesome clean early morning meets me in the eyes when I woke up strength my body out mmmm what a feeling then its like new day new things to do see and experience. Quickly jump out of bed run to bathroom open the Water let it run in the tub while I go make a coffee and open windows and let the fresh air blow in can feel a breeze over my naked body mmm it's so refreshing.

Run back to bathroom close the water and just put first the tip of my toe in to feel the nice Luke warm water slowly and sensual I get in the water and just lay back and enjoy the feeling on my body.The water is nice and Luke warm relaxing with soft music playing in the far side of home, I heard a noise not to hard but I can hear the footsteps getting closer in the house I jump soft out of bath tab the towel around my naked body and slowly took a peak down in the hallway I can see the shadow moving around and then I take my chance run to my bedroom and get naked in bed and wait......all is quit for a few min and I just lay quit on the bed under blankets and wait........ Next morng I woke up up all curled up with the blanket and wondr what happened bad dream or just a good imagination mmm you ppl tell me more......