Written by artsmart

02 Nov 2016

Being Sunday morning and having had a night on the town, Joe was not going to let his hangover get the better of him. Even better he thought to take a drive somewhere else , get his mind off the usual pussy hunt.

He decided to take the Maserati out this time, give her a some throttle and turn some late Sunday morning heads, and chicks?...Naah, it would be only him and his V8 Baby toy.

Joe headed out. Left turn, right turn, straight on and something caught his attention. Food market. Yeah nice…pulled in and turned the proverbial heads. Jealous boyfriends guarding their short dressed sexy legged babes on way to olfactory delight. This was Joe’s kinda day. He geared down and rumbled into a parking place. Seconds later found him in a que outside the gate waiting to get in. Sexy pair of curvy legs and semi-see-thru floral dress in front of him caught his attention. Perfume like fresh spring rose tickled his nose and shifted his cock slightly. Boyfriend must’ve sensed the hunter behind, shifted nervously and placed a hand across her delicious butt. Best thing he ever did, because Joe had his Xray hunting gaze on full alert. Boyfriends hand had slid over something slightly protruding, oh could it be, yes, a delightful pair of panties. Joe felt like Billy The Kid in boxers.

Twenty minutes later and ambling along with a juice in hand, he saw his prize babe with boyfriend nestled under a tree. One place open next to them. He waited, peering through his Oakley’s, squinting at her legs that were slightly open and boyfriends paws prepping for the days raid. Time took its turn and boyfriend went to the gents. Joe made his move.

Things went well. She was polite, hot and turned on…. by his car. Damn, not me, Joe wondered if he’d made the right move coming in his Baby toy. But luck was coming his way. Boyfriend came back adjusting his lessened boner and she eyeing it out squarely. He was a friendly guy. Offered a drink and maybe even his girl. High hopes, the day was unfolding nicely.

Good for the Maserati, this time both boyfriend and this sexy bird by now having a name like Jacky, were both ready to take a drive with Joe. Nice guy boyfriend thought and Joe got the girl.

She climbed in next to him, trying to pull her dress down over those leggy legs of hers. This was going to be fun. Boyfriend followed close behind in his sporty little Cobra. Another Sundays outing. Baby and Cobra slid out onto the highway only it was Jacky in the Baby next to Joe.

Throttling red action, they slid from zero to 140 in a matter of seconds. Jacky was one classy babe. She forgot about her appearance as the throb of V8 vibrated through her buttocks. When Joe, dropped the clutch out of a corner, Jacky hit high five, pressed back into her seat. He saw her hand hold the seat for a second or two, whitened knuckles, until she became aware of him. She was all his. At that point there was nothing more to do. Jacky closed her eyes and slid into paradise. Time stood still as two hundred and eighty kays flew by. Boyfriend had given up and headed home. Joe, being a gentleman, eased off the throttle and proposed a toast.

By now Harties came into view. Hot day out, sexy babe in red. What better for Joe. He took her to a small expensive restaurant back way he knew well. A mate of his, owner, provided the perfect romantic setting. But Jacky preferred to get back to boyfriend. Two hundred kays an hour later, the past was gone, Jacky climbed out of baby into the arms of her boyfriend. Joe, happy to have been in the right place at the right time, hit the highway one more time before rolling home.