Written by artsmart

04 Jun 2016

A partly true story based on the Madonna/William Orbit re-mix, ‘Liquid Love’.

Your love is like liquid

It fills me, it chills me

Can't hold it, control it

It runs from my touch

Rachel climbed out of her coupe. The fresh mountain air caught her breath and carried it across a deep ravine that stretched out before her. A slight breeze lifted her hair, reminding her of the freedom she had pursued in order to get here. There were few things in life that could beat a mountain pass drive, especially this one, not a famous one but certainly a beautiful one that stretched like a weaving snake across the slopes of Monte Cetona on the borders of Southern Tuscany.

It was early spring and she could pick up the scent of wild flowers. The particular place where she was standing, looked out over a small field of these before tumbling down a deep ravine. A raven glided overhead and she saw it as a good omen on her way to the San Casciano Dei Bagni. There was still a nip in the air, enough to enjoy lying in 42degrees Celsius of thermal water. This was her pre-summer treat. Her lover would later enjoy the benefits this treat would give her now. It was one of those perfect days.

Slipping back behind the steering wheel of her Lancia coupe, Rachel dropped the clutch and eased off asphalt and back onto tar, her wheels catching grip as she gave throttle. She loved the feeling of power her little car gave her. She felt its vibration ripple through her body making her feel awake and alive. She knew its rhythm, the feel of its idle and the force of its thrust. Weren’t cars supposed to be female? Rachel laughed out loud as the wind caught her hair and raised it up behind her. It fills me, it chills me. Goosebumps as the air freshened higher up along the pass.

It wasn’t long before the village of San Casciano Dei Bagni came into view, the downward slope and approach being quiet steep, Rachel had to throttle back. Thankful for her new tires and easy handling ability, her little coupe glided into town. After parking, she slipped a pair of track shoes on, got her tog bag out the boot, locked the car and headed across the road in the direction of the thermal baths. She preferred the natural springs. Being a public bathing area there were often interesting people around. And even better with a lover when there was no one about or if there was some dogging going down. Couldn’t do that in the private baths. Plus the baths were situated in natural beauty surrounded by tumbling hills and cultivated farm lands with their fair share of old ogling peasants often coming to check up on things in their little ‘Ape’(Italian for ‘bee’) three-wheeler.

From the top of the road before taking the steep path down to the spring, she could just make out some bathers already gathering in the steam bellow.

There was one couple, a group of middle aged ladies and two men neither related to the other or so it seemed. One utterance of buon giorno from her side and all heads turned toward her, greeting her in the process. Not only for her traditional friendliness, but also because of her beauty. Her full mouth was radiant today, her facial skin ready to soak up the coming summer.

She smelt the sulfur and other minerals this bath had to offer her today and remembered what she had heard about the ancient Etruscans. How they were a free loving society, true swingers to say the least. No one owning anyone and passion was a mutual past time. Lots of relaxation and hot springs, firelight fucking in hot water, pussy licking and cock sucking until the sun rose across the hills at dawn. Their art spoke of their carefree lifestyle. Rachel loved the faces these people had, often seeing them still reflected in contemporary faces she met on her daily outings.

The people here today at this bath were no exception, except for one pale looking blonde man in a red costume. The rest were all locals, she’d seen them before and had spoken to some too. One particular guy, she knew had the hots for her, but that was normal. The couple, she’d not seen before, the female part was lying on top of her man, and both were submerged in the heat.

Rachel found some space to leave her bag and proceeded to undress. She could feel the eyes of the men boring into her from behind. But when she squinted to see who it was, none were. Maybe the baths themselves were watching her. She liked the feeling and yet she felt a small injection of adrenaline enter her system. She knew these baths were haunted with passion. The mineral water bubbling up from volcanic depths had enchanted many lovers before for more than two thousand years.

She slipped her tracksuit pants off, catching her costume panties from sliding down too far in the process and revealing her sexy coccyx. She had recently had a small tattoo done right there. This spot being particularly sensitive to her, she knew that anyone’s eyes there, would be felt. The feeling always made her spine tingle unless it was a mean character whose intentions would put her into defense mode. This had happened often enough and she’d learnt how to tune in to the feeling.

As her pants came off, she felt eyes on her coccyx. And yet no man was looking. They could not all be bi…well…there was that possibility too.

Once free of her outer garments, Rachel tip toed to the water’s edge. The water was delicious. Warm, liquid, a light haze of steam rising off its glazed surface. She slipped in slowly, feeling aliveness rising up her smooth legs, catching the curve of her calves, tingling inside her knees and caressing the soft sensual skin behind her knees. She felt the heat touch her pussy and slide up between her labia like hot fingers searching for paradise. Her bum cheeks enveloped by the waters, touch cupped her and sucked her into its turquoise heat . Flowing over her belly and covering her breasts until she felt a rock under her bottom. She came to a stop. Sitting quietly and savoring the liquid love.

It slips through my fingers

The taste of it lingers

Your love is like liquid

I want it so much

After a while Rachel raised herself up with her hands, rolled over onto her belly and glided toward one side of the bath where she could lean up against a wall. She quickly located a well-positioned rock and sat down on it. Closing her eyes, she focused on the effect the water was having on her. There was a slight current of heat flowing toward her from the inlet opposite from where she was seated. The blonde guy in the red costume was positioned across this inlet, breathing in the hot steam as it came out of its cavernous depths. Every time that he brought his head down to inhale the fumes, his body blocked the current. Then he’d raise his head again, his body swaying in the process and the current would return, rippling over Rachel’s body. It was as if the water was a current of communication between her body and his. But this was not the only communication going on.

Claudia was floating above her boyfriend just high enough to feel his erection rubbing against her buttocks. She’d seen the sexy Raquel arrive, watching her undress and catching a glimpse of an oh so erotic little tattoo on her sexy coccyx. A quick fantasy had crossed her mind of boyfriends cock ramming that butt. She often spied on him in the village after work, fucking a waitress in the dark shadows behind her father’s Pizzeria. It was such a turn on and when he got home to her, she was wild with excitement and savored his lovers sex taste, later feeling him thrusting into her wetness until he moaned with pleasure, turned over, and fell into a deep sleep, seldom getting her to the same orgasmic state as he. That was when she turned to her little vibrator and buzzed herself into ecstasy. Perhaps this Raquel could taste him while she pretended to go back to the village up on the hill. She’d spy on him half way up the path. Now slipping from his erotic pose, Claudia motioned that she had had enough and would meet him later for something he loved doing. She had quite a bod on her too, enough for the blonde guy in the red costume, to turn his head when she said arriverderci to everyone in the bath as she headed on home.

Liquid love

Pouring down like rain

Liquid love

Let it wash all over me

Blonde guy’s time was up at the inlet and he turned to Rachel motioning the free position. She nodded a thank you and crossed over. He did not go far but took to the side of the pool among the rocks, digging away to get hold of some black volcanic clay to rub over his body. Rachel inhaled and her butt lifted out of the water. The man opposite her lingered in her panty line, his eyes drinking in the folds of her costume as it rode up between her luscious lips. His knob stirred at the sight. Sexy round bum in early spring. Nothing like it. Nature had provided him with the perfect position and he felt like a Cheshire cat on steroids.

Blonde guy got his mud and smeared it over his pale frame. He was slender but flexible something Rachel had noticed the first time she saw him. He hadn’t spoken at all yet, so she figured he probably was a foreigner. Never the less, he had acted like a gentleman, offering her next up in line for inhalation.

When Rachel came off the steamer, blonde guy was waiting with some spare mud for her. She pretended to look quizzically at the situation and asked him to help her smear some over her arms. This is when she felt his masculine touch. She had not expected to be so sensitized by these languid waters. She felt him like an electrical current. Everything was flowing so smoothly. All she had to do was be present to receive it. Blonde guy felt her skin under his hand. Early spring in Italy in an ancient Etruscan bath. He felt like pan, luring a damsel into his embrace. The mud was a clever way to introduce other things more pleasurable and maybe more erotic too. He was smeared in blue black volcanic mud from his face to above his knees where the hot water lapped against his pale sun starved flesh. Rachel was bronzed because she spent her winters south of Naples where the weather was more moderate and welcoming to naked sun bathing on fine days.

Onto Rachel’s belly now, blonde guy stroked the clay into her softness unable to keep his eyes from straying over her Venus mound that gave way to two distinct pouty protuberances that ate her costume between them. He smelt her sex above the mineral and slight sulfuric fumes. His ancient Nordic ancestry awakening to erotic instinct. Rachel stood there watching him at work allowing him full control of the situation. Once covered and standing there she asked where he was from. Denmark and could speak some English too. Sigh of relief. Laughing and chatting about this and that, eased the door open.

Your love is like liquid

It drenches, it quenches

It drowns me, surrounds me

It lies on my skin

The spring sun crept out of its liar and licked the surrounding hills, catching the tops of the trees surrounding the thermal baths where Rachel stood drying out in her skin of blue black volcanic mud.

Blonde guy lazed in the shallows close by, trying not to make obvious his growing desire for this Raquel who had entered his dream world. He felt enchanted by her beauty, by her confidence and her friendliness. Her body felt like fine silk. He had to restrain his penis from extending beyond its social boundaries. Especially when she’d gingerly pulled the top of her panty down low to rub the mud onto her mound. He’d watched the fabric break free from her pussy lips that had been hugging it into a well formed camel toe. That was exactly where he would’ve placed his finger if she were his lover.

It flows through my vains

Just like warm summer rains

Yes, your love is like liquid

I feel it within

Rachel felt her skin tighten under the drying mud. Then once it was dry, she slowly slipped back into her divine nectar, her liquid love, and felt it slip through her veins like warm summer rains. The unique sensation of the mud softening on her skin made Rachel yearn for her lovers touch. She lay back in the hot water, her back against the rocky wall and simmered while the mud softened, some already sliding free from its grip on her skin. Like a molting snake, Rachel’s outer skin came undone to her inner radiant beauty. She was now the only lady left among three men in the bath. Two Etruscans and one Dane. All three were waiting for her to make a move before they did. The water conveyed each ones desire and mingled it in an erotic swirl that stroked and massaged their human muscles and joints until they felt overcome and intoxicated.

It was Rachel who made the first move. She rose from the water. Liquid love slid off her muddied skin, followed by water droplet jewels bouncing across the surface. The men watched in silence. To each one she was moving in slow motion. The Dane was the first on the scene having beaten the two Italians to it. Damn. He spoke Inglese. Such a pale bloke, she would soon tire from him and look to the dark stallions for help.

The Dane knew what he wanted. Assisting Rachel to rid her skin from the mud, was his chivalrous task. He was a true gentleman until he got into a fight, then his Viking instinct took over. Rachel’s skin was peaking his desire and she let him wash her belly much to the amazement of the other two men. By now the Danes penis was showing signs of stress from being cooped up for so long in his red costume. He then asked Rachel to assist him in his wash. She obliged and proceeded to stroke his shoulders feeling his muscles under her palms. His shape, apart from its pale complexion, was so manly that her womanhood began to whispered from its hidden depths. They both slipped into the water now, giggling a bit, partly from embarrassment and partly from pure enjoyment, knowing that the two stallions had a choice to stay or go. The thought never returned as their attention spread across each other’s bodies. Then Dane took the que and lightly touched Rachel between the legs. He felt the smooth fabric of her costume. She lay back and relaxed her legs aside. Nice, she murmured and he touched her again. Oh my god, do that again, please. And he did, only this time a bit harder, pressing his index finger against her cunt bringing it to rest for a few seconds where he had earlier fantasized it to be. The action pushed his penis to the side and it lifted his costume forward. The air trapped inside added to the bulged and then popped, releasing one big air bubble to pop on the surface. The two stallions giggled. But Dane was used to free air. He kept his hand swiftly massaging Rachel’s pussy apart. She reached down and pulled her panty aside and his hand slid over her creamy surface, as he explored her inner cunts beauty. She was aching for a cock now, but did not like the stallions look or cock, so she let loose her desire onto Danes fingers. At one point she grabbed his wrist and thrust him into her, fucking his hand until he moved over close to her and pressed his check against her face. Smelling his breath, a light whiff of cappuccino, croissant and musky sex, she succumbed to his taste and sank her sexual pout against his slightly prickly lips. God this man could kiss, she forgot about her pussy for a while because her eroticism was beginning to peak at her mouth. Her body was so relaxed from the water that its liquid love had submerged itself into her essence and made her mouth available to orgasmic stimulation. She fucked Danes mouth until she came against his body, feeling his hard cock pulsating as he exploded into his red costume.

My heart was frozen

Til you came and melted it

Now my heart is molten

Turned it into

Liquid love

Flowing through my veins

Liquid love

Just like warm summer rains

Liquid love

story and international copyright held by Artsmart