26 Oct 2017

Im going to lean towards you and kiss your lips tenderly. You sigh and eagerly return the kiss. Your face is flushed with desire as I kiss your neck and take the glass of wine from your hand. Kissing you again, I reach around and unzip your dress pulling it down off your shoulders a bit but not exposing anything just yet. I tenderly kiss your bare shoulder and across your collarbone to the other shoulder. You moan and lay your head back feeling my hot kisses setting your skin on fire.

You gasp when you feel me unhook your bra, but allow it to remain covering your breasts. I finish unzipping your dress then pull you to your feet and let the dress fall to the floor around your ankles. Then I take your bra with two fingers and looking at you to assure you it was all right, you release the bra to me. I then remove it and look at you lovingly.

I hook my thumbs in your panties and lower them to join your skirt. Your breathing gets heavy as I help you step away from your skirt and panties. You stand there in front of me, naked and fully exposed to my view waiting for whats going to happen next. You then put your hands across you covering yourself up - but then I move your hands away, saying, You are spectacular sweetheart...

I then go down on my knees, put my hands on your butt, bring you closer to me so that I can nuzzle your pussy - your scent is so intoxicating and I breathed in deeply as I start seeing drops of glistening moisture on your lips. You then put your hands in my hair as I start to lick your pussy lips and suck on your swollen clit thats now poking out. After a few minutes you start cumming and I just continue to lick you - swallow a bit of you - tasting you you moan with desire and whimper, "Please Ooooh yesss oh God, that's sooo good You hold on to my shoulders to steady yourself as I continue to tease your very wet pussy baby. My tongue is then very relentless as I use my tongue in your inner pussy and your clit - after a few minutes - you scream out, Oh fuck!!!! Im cumminnngggg - this is one really powerful orgasm - and you tell me that youve never had such an intense orgasm before.

I then stand up and remove my clothes while you are still recovering from your orgasm. Once Im fully naked - you take my cock into your hands and start playing with it. You have one hand holding my cock - while the other holds my balls. While you are holding my cock, my hands are on your boobs - twisting your tits; when I ask you to suck me, you let me know that you are not much of an oral person - I let it pass. We then continue to feel each other, rub each other. I then go down on you and start sucking one nipple - while my fingers twist the other. As I suck you, you writhe around in deep pleasure - and after alternately sucking your nipples continuously for about 10minutes, your head falls back to the sofa and you groan and shudder through another orgasm. Oh my God," you gasp, "You made me cum, baby, without even touching my pussy!"

I give you a few moments to recover and then take you to the bed. Lying down, we caress each other for a few minutes; I then get my cock to your pussy - rub the outside of your pussy for some time - without entering you, you then ask me to push it - Im like, help yourself you then take it in your hands and guide me into your pussy yourself. After Im fully in you - I then start to pull myself out - but before I get out fully - Im back in you we then slowly start fucking - you also start moving in rhythm to my thrusts after a few minutes - you use your pussy muscles and tighten the grip around my cock so tight that I may come - but before I cum, you loosen yourself and then we turn around - you on top of me this time. I reach up to suck your tits while you are riding me. After a few minutes of riding me - you stop - while my hands are still caressing your boobs as soon as you stop you once again tighten your muscles and hold my cock really tight - this time - both of us cum together. We cum together - hard - and for a few minutes. You then get off me - and we just hold each other for a few minutes........