Written by tweedledee

11 May 2015

We have been on this little journey of ours for about a year now I think. It's huge fun and really spices up our lives but every now and then it's necessary for date night. Making sure the connection, the love and the sex is as good as ever.

Kids were farmed off and we were all alone. We put on the music, and went and had a nice hot shower together. In the shower it was warm, kisses were warm, soaping each other was warm. I got hard as she touched me, I kissed her and rubbed my hands over her beautiful body. I let my hand trail down to between her legs, she opened them slightly for me and I slid one finger into her. It was warm, slippery and welcoming. She, moved against my hand just for a second, then pulled back, kissed me and climbed out the shower. We dried each other off, and put on a pair of pyjamas, not the sexy type, just plain pyjamas. They hang on her, you can't even see the shape of her gorgeous body, the nipples get hard against the fabric and poke through but that’s the only hint of what lies under them.

We go to the kitchen, I put her up on the counter. I pour her a glass of wine and I crack a beer. I start to make supper, Fillet with salad and Mash. She watches me working, she is so fucking sexy, I can see how naughty her eyes are. Her legs are crossed, I know that her clit is throbbing under those pants. Every few minutes I walk over to her and kiss her softly, let my tongue push between her lips.

Supper is served, we sit and eat, another glass of wine and a Jack and ice for me. I am permanently at half mast. I can taste her. We make small talk and finish our dinner. I put the heater on in the bar.

We adjourn to the bar. It's warm. I move behind the bar, and pour us another drink. We laugh and chat, my best friend and I. Amazing after all these year that I still find her so incredibly sexy. She works like a monster in the gym and her body is hard but still feminine.

I go to the toilet, I return to find her behind the bar pouring another drink, she is naked. I stand and admire the temple of mine for a few second. I drop my pants and I'm instantly hard.

I go behind the bar with her. I take her and kiss her, she pushed against me. Her hand pushed my cock down so it's between her legs against her clit. She kisses me deep and drives her hips against mine. The tip of my cock goes into her, I hear her breath escape as she pulls back.

She climbs onto the bar, and lies down on her back. I know this is body shot time. I put a piece of lemon in her mouth, I lick her nipple and put some salt onto it. I take the bottle of Tequila and pour it into her belly button. It’s very shallow, so it’s not much.

I lick the salt hard off her nipple, she moans, I go for the tequila and suck it up licking her stomach where it has leaked out. I go for her mouth, opening my mouth and engulfing hers, taking the lemon as we both bite into it … the sour juices filling our mouth. I sit up and look at her. She has that crazy horny look in her eyes, I know she needs me to help her out.

I go to the edge of the bar and look down between her legs to her face. She opens her legs wider. He clit is swollen, almost throbbing as it protrudes between the lips of her glistening pussy. She lifts her ankles and puts them over my shoulder pulling my head into her. I open my mouth and taste her. She is wet and sweet. Her hips rise up to me and meet my mouth. Her pussy starts to clamp and quiver.

I carefully move my tongue around her clit slowly, up the one side, over the top and down the other side. She moans with joy, her hands on my head try to regulate the rhythm.

Around the mountain of pleasure I go, careful not to touch it. I build up speed and style as instructed by her hands on my head.

She is building up, her legs clamp against my ears and she tries to pull my head up……I've known her for 21 years …. this is the only time that stop means don’t stop ….. I hold on and carry on, she screams and shudders as I change the rhythm and take her whole clit into my mouth and suck ……. I taste her sweet juice as she violently orgasms (the first one always seems to be painful although I am assured that it's not).

Her head comes up, her stomach muscles bulging and the vein in her neck looking like it's going to pop as she climaxes. I stop, she relaxes back, breathing heavily……. I wait 30 seconds or so, all the time kissing her thighs and legs….. I slide a finger in…. she moves against my hand, I slide another in, she moves again. (The first two orgasm must come quickly otherwise she gets cranky.) I take her hand and place it on her clit, she starts to rub. She knows what pressure to put on. I move my fingers as she starts to rub. I speed up as she speeds up, keeping pace…… It's getting frantic, even I am surprised at how quickly she is going to cum again…… I move hard and fast, she is rubbing as fast as she can, I see the vein in her neck coming out again and I feel her pussy clamping on my fingers…… I knows it's going to be huge…. the slime of the pussy disappears as she is about to come, almost like it goes dry….. I keep moving my fingers in and out as fast as I can……. she stops, pushes down hard on her clit and cums….. spraying it all over my arm….. I keep going, she is trying to stifle her screams but it's not working…… she cums again, she slams her legs closed….. I know she needs me to stand still, just for a few seconds….. it's very sensitive…… I stand there smiling, feeling very satisfied. She pulls my fingers out of her and asks me to kiss her. I walk around and oblige. She can taste her juices and I think this excites her even more. She wraps her arms around my neck. I put one hand under her head and the other under her legs and lift her off the bar. She is shaking and smiling. … ”I need you to fuck me now.”

She walks up behind the bar and turns to face me. She puts one arm and a leg on each ledge so she is sitting over the corner. I move between her legs and slide into her. The angle is perfect. Immediately her vein pops out….. she is so horny she is going crazy….. ”please baby you need to finish this” she says, in a quivering voice…. I slide deep into her, her pussy clamps around my cock. I start to move. She is moving with me “harder baby”… ”deeper baby”…. I have to stand on my toes to get all the way in….. I go as fast and as hard as I can. She starts to scream again…… her juices are spraying onto my stomach as she comes, her pussy clamping like a vice grip around my cock…… she manages to say “don’t stop” ….. I am ramming into her, I have to push hard as she is clamped shut…… she cums and cums…… at least 30 seconds, my calves are cramping but I keep going, I am on the edge, don’t know how much longer I can hold it, her head is back and she is still spraying her warm cum onto me……. I keep going, in and out as hard as I can…… her head comes up and she looks at me and screams “now baby now”…. I still don’t know how she does it but when she wants me to cum she does something with her pussy and it's 10 seconds for me. I feel it clamp, I cum, shooting my cum deep into her as she cums even more….. I push and push until every last drop is out of me and in her. She stops moving and I stop too. She lies back against the bar, she is finished. I am finished. Calves are cramped up…. we start to giggle. She comes up as I slide out of her and she kisses me. My juices mixed with her juices run out of her onto my feet. I don’t care. It's stunning.

Needless to say we eventually clean up, get dressed in our non sexy pajamas, wipe the floor, pour a drink……and we carry on living the dream.