13 Feb 2018

We are alone, in private. We have just arrived back from a wonderful, romantic dinner. Closing the door, I tell you to just stand in the middle of the room and close your eyes.

You wait as I take out a blindfold and place it over your eyes. "Just enjoy," I say.

My fingers caress, oh so softly, your face, your cheeks, your neck, lightly sliding down to where I can undo your top. I let it slide down your arms and off onto the floor. I kick it out of the way.

My fingers trace over your shoulders as I walk around you, behind you. I undo your bra and that too slides down your arms.

Now I take your hands and pull them behind you, gently, and tie them there so that you cannot interfere. I walk back around you, my fingers lightly running over your skin. I feel the softness at the top of your breasts, and then my fingers gently trail down (missing your nipples), down over your stomach, to your hips.

Your skirt is next, sliding down your legs to the floor, where it too is quietly kicked to the side. Your slip follows, then your panties. I am careful not to touch your pussy, just your hips as I do this.

You can feel my nearness, my breath on your legs, and knows that I can smell your arousal. I stand back up and take up a soft piece of silk. I let it play so softly over your face and neck, wrapping it around your head and slowly dragging it lower and lower. I want to awaken every nerve in your body. I let it flow over your nipples, finally touching them for the first time. As the silk falls around your hips, I let it tighten a bit, then down around your legs. I spread them a bit, exposing your dampness.

Then I take one of your feet and begin to massage it, touching harder for the first time. As you are concentrating on that, my tongue starts to lick your leg. I work my way back up yet again, but this time my tongue leads the way and my hands follow, massaging you. When I reach your head, I kiss and lick all around it (not your mouth, not yet, but your cheeks, your ears, the sides of your neck, the hollow of your throat).

I move behind you, still nuzzling your neck and my hands slide over your arms and onto your breasts. Finally I touch your nipples. They are hard and you push your chest into my hands. The moans you are making are so erotic! They have been the only sounds since I told you to enjoy, otherwise there is just an intimate silence, and the occasional soft sounds of skin on skin.

I slide around you and let my tongue trace its way down to your breast. As my hands move to your waist, my mouth finds one of your nipples and starts to suckle gently. My hands work behind you and caress your buttocks as I play on your nipple with my tongue.

Your moans are louder now, and you are having trouble standing still. My tongue once again begins to slide over your skin, down between your breasts, to your navel. It traces around, then thrusts into it once, hard, before continuing on down towards your waiting, needy sex.

I pause with my face before you, so close you can feel the heat of me on your thighs, feel my breath warming your already hot pubis. I stay there and smell you, enjoying the heady aroma, but I have to keep pulling back as your hips arc forward to try to get satisfaction. I do not want to touch you yet, not there, just enjoy the sight and the smell and your obvious need.

I wait a while longer to keep the tension going.

I finally decide the time is right and let my head fall forward. My tongue reaches out and strokes your soft folds, I lick up and down your sex without entering inside, loving your taste, and loving the desperate moans I can hear.

I bring my hands forward and slowly, gently, open your secret place, so wet, so warm, so silky. I see your clit, hard and ready and I flick it with my tongue. Your pussy is wide open, all of it is there for me to see. I rub your clit with my nose as my tongue slides so easily towards that special opening. I lick the soft silky skin, savoring the tastes, pushing slowly deeper.

However, it has become almost impossible for you to stay standing, your knees are starting to buckle, so I stand up and lead you to the bed. There, I lay you down gently on your back, careful of your bound arms. Your hips are at the edge of the bed, your legs hanging over. I spread them, kneel between them, and open you up again so I can continue my explorations.

My face buries itself once again in your sex; my tongue slides back in as my hands open you up like a flower. I suck on you, lick you, thrust my tongue as far as it will go inside your precious body, then I move up a bit and start to suck and nibble on your clit.

My fingers slide inward and I gently insert a finger in to your vagina. One finger, two, so nice and warm in there! My fingers reach in and up, exploring the folds of skin inside you against your pubic bone. A third finger slides in, and now they go deeper, exploring your depths, filling you.

I am nibbling on your clit and filling your pussy with my fingers, your juices are really flowing, running down from your pussy. My other hand slides between your cheeks and I get a finger slick with your moisture. It traces down and finds your tight little ass. I hear your gasp, and I push it quickly inside.

Now you are so very full! I can feel the fingers in your pussy through the thin wall separating them from my other hand. It is getting hard to stay in place as your hips bounce on the bed. I start to pump my fingers in and out of both your pussy and your ass. Filling you, then leaving you feeling empty. Slowly at first, but building in tempo with each repetition. My mouth is on your clit sucking, nibbling, my tongue passing over it. As the pace increases, I even bite down on your hard clit and feel you jerk in surprise and pleasure/pain.

It is time! I start to really lick and nibble your clit as my fingers pump in and out of you. Faster still, and deeper I go. It gets hard to breathe, but I keep going, I can feel your approaching orgasm. I am going as hard as I can, but you haven't quite gotten there. Your frustration is obvious; you are getting quite noisy!

This continues for what seems to you an eternity. Perched just below your climax, you writhe and buck, trying to get it to come, but always just falling short as I pull back just enough to keep it at bay. You will come, but in my timing!

And then, I decide the time is right. I don't pull back this time and it comes, and you come, and come...

But I don't stop yet, even as you come. I keep licking and fingering you, to prolong the moment, making your orgasm even harder. Your body spasms again and again. I hear you say stop, but I don't, not yet. Your legs clamp onto my head and you finally shriek, and I stop. But I stay there between your legs, gently licking as you come down.

After a few minutes, when you are calm again (well, relatively calm) I get up and untie your hands and remove the blindfold.

And that is when it dawns on have just had an incredible sexual experience, with a man who is still fully clothed!