14 Oct 2015

It happened one night in Rio, candlelit dinner carioca style. The night was beautiful. Each star and every cloud enhanced the majestic mood in the air. The night was not the only thing beautiful, so was my date.

My date, Janis stood about a head shorter than my 1.76 m. She had pretty green eyes and long blonde hair worn loose, cascading down her shoulders and swaying in the evening breeze. She wore a red knee length dress split in front down to her solar plexus revealing enough of cleavage to not be crude. I was casually dressed up in a pair of black jeans and a salmon long sleeve shirt.

we sat outside at one of the many restaurants along the marginal in Copacabana, in the distance the flood lit, Whitestone statue of Christ the redeemer, atop Corcovado, arms spread wide, eternally protecting his flock, to the left the dark outlines of orca and sugarloaf mountains contrasting with the white of the statue, behind us the borough of Copacabana with its vibrant nightlife and in front lay Avenida Atlantica and beyond that, the famous white sandy beach of Copacabana, the waves lightly lapping at the shore, the salty sea breeze mingling with the aromas of exotic spices in the kitchens of the many restaurants, overpowering ones olfactory senses and conjuring up images of a bygone era, sailing boats and forbidden lands.

Dinner was uneventful. We small talked and joked, there was a little flirting but nothing more. I was getting kind of disappointed, but she was good company. We stayed and had drinks. The caipirinhas flowed freely loosening our tongues and our inhibitions, we sat next to each other, looking out to sea, laughing and giggling and finding any opportunity to touch the other person, Janis would scrape her finely manicured nails along my forearm while making a point and I would place my hand over hers in acknowledgement, or run my fingers through her hair or touch her cheeks with the back of my hand.

After a few drinks I was feeling very good, I was no longer nervous and Janis was great to be with.

I'm tired this place, you want to go for a walk? I asked looking at my half empty glass.

Along the beach? She said a letting a bit of sexiness seep into her voice.

I grinned and nodded yes, we crossed the street , sat on a bench, removed our shoes, I rolled up my pants and put my feet on the sand still hot from the days sun, we walked to the shore break and walked on the cooler wet sand, Janis put her arm thru mine, rested her head on my shoulder looked up at me, her emerald green eyes gazing straight at mine" beautiful night, I wish it would never end" I kissed her forehead and looked up at the stars, holding her hand over my forearm, we continued walking, music from the shore adding to the atmosphere of the night Roberto carols playing in one restaurant, Carla Peres and axe in another, pogode from yet another. we stopped walking, looking out to sea, mesmerised by the motion of the waves, their white crests peaking and breaking against a star studded moonlit sky, I moved behind Janis, wrapped my arms around her waist, she crossed her palms over the backs of my hands, her head leaning back against me chest, my pelvis in the small of her back, she turned her head to the side, licked her lips and sighed I moved my head lower looking down at her mouth, her full lips glistening in the moon light so inviting and we kissed, a light brushing of lips, a minute peck but in that minute time stood still, the world stopped turning, this was our moment, this was our time, it belonged to us and we took it for ourselves, Janis turned round, still inside my arms, raised her gorgeous face up to mine and kissed me once more, this time a lasting kiss, deep and full of passion, tightening my grip on her back I raised her off the ground and kissed her back full of passion, full of love, full of lust.

Her kisses were incredible. Her lips were so soft and yet the kisses were so firm. Our tongues shyly danced in each others mouths. Her lips tasted like cherry and her kisses were reminiscent of the drinks we had.

We walked further along the beach, hand in hand, arms swinging like teenagers, we heard a commotion on the shore, squinting our eyes to look out into the light we noticed it was a street party, Janis insisted we go join as she loves to dance. "Last one there buys drinks" she said and ran off while I ran after her letting her keep the lead, Once there we ordered more caipirinhas, Janis felt right at home and joined the crowd dancing, I followed her into the middle of the crowd and we danced, my heart beating as fast as the drums if the band, the music got softer and slower, finally, I thought as I was sweating in that sea of humanity, Janis pulled me into her embrace slow dancing while Roberto Carlos crooned "lady laura, me leve pra casa,lady laura me conte uma historia, lady laura, me faca dormir, lady laura". We danced and Janis whispered "te amo" "lady laura, me leva pra casa, lady laura, abraco forte, lady laura, lady laura me faca dormir, lady laura"

The song ended, we finished our drinks, Lets go to my place. She said; "its not far" the sexy tone of her voice not faltering one bit.


She smiled. We walked the two blocks to her place

The stairs up to her place proved too much for her and I managed to catch her as she slipped. My hands grasping her nice ass and I got a great view down her dress. She giggled slightly and got back on her way.

I kissed her soft lips at her door and lightly trailed my fingers across her shoulders. Janis practically threw open her door.

Once inside she sat me down on the couch and disappeared for a minute. Before she came back I heard the door close and lock. I grinned and thanked lady luck beneath my breath. Janis came back to the couch; she sat down on my right side. I leaned over and began to kiss on her neck; I worked my way to her shoulders and started for her collar bone. Her breathing quickened and she pushed me back. She quickly undid my belt and slowly took off my shirt.

My someone has been working out. She said feeling my chest and arms.

I try. I said and thought how corny that must have sounded.

Janis stood letting me gaze at her. She untied her dress and let it slip to the floor. I was in shock; she was more than I could have dreamed for. Her pert breasts couldn't have been more than a b cup but they were gorgeous. She had a flat stomach that led into defined hips and nice legs. Holding my gaze once more she let down her hair.

Time stood still. I admired this beauty and committed each inch to memory. She was perfect, from her pink nipples down to the brown little patch between her legs. In this time of admiring she somehow got my pants off but had stopped at my boxers. She smiled shyly. Ive never done this before.

Really? I asked still in a daze. How is that possible?

"Not on a first date I haven't!" I reached over and trailed my fingers softly down her arms. At her hands I pulled her over and I began to kiss on her collar bone. Slowly I moved down to her right nipple. I kissed the perky pink button and circled it with my tongue. She pressed my head into her chest and I was in heaven. I loved women with sensitive nipples.

I managed to take my head from her beloved nipple and kiss my way down her stomach. At her crotch I laid her back on the couch and began seducing her opening.

I wanted to make her have an orgasm before we went any further, I just loving giving orgasms.

I darted my tongue across her lips and felt her jump. I continued with my darting tongue technique until I located the clitoris. One of my good friends with whom I flirted with constantly told me a secret to great oral sex, spell words with your tongue, you should try it. I was half way through the alphabet when her legs grasped my head. I cant be sure but I think she was moaning very loudly.

Her legs relaxed and I came up. Marco that was amazing.

I aim to please. Smiling at her

I slowly tear myself from between her legs, my face and chest drenched with the evidence of her passion. I gently lay her back on the couch, straddling her and guide my hard member deep inside her. I lean down and kiss her, sharing her own wetness with her for the first time.

As our mouths and tongues engulf each other, Janis feels my cock deep inside her, slowly pushing inward, then outward. I can feel her outer muscles gripping my hard shaft, drawing it in deeper and deeper inside her, my hard knob pressing deep, into her very depths, surrounded by her womanhood.

We continue to kiss as my hands caress her body. I feel her hips pushing up to meet each of my deep thrusts. Janis moans softly each time the head of my cock reaches its deepest penetration, while feeling my balls pressing against her ass. We both savour the pleasure as I slowly pull my hard shaft out, her hot moist inner flesh clinging to it as it pulls away. My cock slips out of her slit and I grasp it, running its wet tip up and down her swollen crack, finally letting it caress her hard clit, rubbing it over the little knob. I squeeze out long wet drops of pre cum to lubricate her more and slowly drive myself back into her deeper and deeper until I can go no further, then slowly pull back and thrust in again and again and again.

Janis' passion grows and grows. I look into her emerald green eyes...they say to me "Yes...YES!!" As I increase my thrusts faster and faster, pushing my manhood in and out of her! I look into her passion-filled face; feel the tightening around my shaft. Janis begins moaning louder and louder, her hips pushing up against me, drawing me deeper and deeper inside her.

She cries out, "OHHHHHH YESSSsssssss!!!!" and I feel her body shudder. She is suspended in time and space as her orgasm rages through her. I can feel the rising tide within me, feel it racing down my cock as I push deeper. Suddenly I stop thrusting, and explode inside her, my hot love juice flowing out of me, filling her with my very essence.

I can see by the expression in her eyes that she feels my hot seed filling her. I can also see in her eyes that she welcomes my gift to her. We are totally connected...bodies, minds, and souls in the most special of ways. Neither of us wants to break that special connection. We fall asleep in each other's arms, still joined in our lovers embrace.

Morning came and we had to say goodbye.

Goodbye so hold me once more, goodbye and kiss me one more time, just one more time

"Save your love until I will return, let the flames of love burn in your heart for ever, save your love, dont give it to someone new, everything is up to you, till i'm back forever