30 Nov 2015

IT Guy and an Executive PA

It was in the morning when I had a job card to attend in the admin building, when suddenly she came running for the lift, I held the door for her, she was wearing track pants and a top, I could see that she is not wearing a bra. We had small innocent chat in the lift, when she explained to me that she is also having problems with her PC, I then decided to go help her quickly with her problem before I can go attend to my job card, as we got to her office, she was all clumsy and in a hurry I cud see that she woke up late and having a bad morning, she drop some papers on the floor and then kneed down to pick them up, I noticed that as she bend down her ass was showing alil and realised that she is not wearing any undies, I then pulled down her shirt to cover the revealing ass, to my surprise she stood up quickly and surprisingly pushed her ass backwards towards my croch and said “wa n tshwenya wa bona” that move gave me a boner, and I said “Ke wena o nthomileng” and then she repeated the move again and said “like this?” and I said yeah while I massaged her covered pussy….

We started kissing and touching each other’s private parts, her phone started ringing and she answered it, but that did not stop me from touching her, when she got done with her call she whispered, “I’m so horny…what are we going to do about that” and I said “ well what do u have in mind” she said I want the D….mind you this lady I thought she was one uptight person but now I’m so surprised and excited ….and I told her, “wait there I’m going to fetch condoms from the toilets….on my way to the toilets I thought she would change her mind when I came back…she had her track pants down. I could see her exposed wet pussy, and I got a massive hard on, I put my pants down and put on the condom….and I told her lets go do it on your bosses desk…..she went straight for the bosses desk and sat on it with her legs spread very wide….and I entered her deep, since she was super wet the entrance was easy….i pumped her so deep, I could feel her nails on my back….

We went on for about 20 mins and we got disturbed by one of her friends who came to say good morning, luckily the door was locked and we managed to dress quickly….

One of my naughty moment at my work place…