Written by matt4Sandy

12 May 2014

I'm a white man,29,from Rustenburg and a few years ago I met this black girl over one of these chat sites.We enjoyed chatting to eachother and eventually decided to take it to the next level.We set a date and we met in town at a take away shop.after a few meetings we decided to take another step.I invited Sandy,a sexy black girl,over for pizza.We chatted and layed games and before long we went about and we joined our lips together and not long after that we where both butt naked in bed.This was my second time with a black lady and once we made out it felt so so so incredible.Something realy unexplainable.I was in love with her.After this encounter we had many more and then she left for a job in Pretoria.We tried to keep everything together but I always pulled out right at the last minute.She then came back to Rustenburg after 4 years and during that time we did try to meet several times but I kept on pulling out at the last minute.She lost interest in me because she thought I was just playing with her.

That was never my intention,like I said,I'm white and what happened back in the days is still haunting everyone in South Africa.Anyway we started chatting again and I told her that I still love her but I'm married now.We decided to have an affair.I feel its not right but I still love her,what can I do.