Written by AngeliqueB

24 Mar 2014

It is like something out of the old Peter Stuyvesant or Mainstay adverts we used to watch at the movies when we were growing up. An azure blue ocean with water so clear, you can see the fish swimming beneath; a boat (sorry, a yacht) fit for an Arabic oil sheik and weather most can only imagine; and, all of this, just for the two of us.

The charter company has sailed us out to our spot for the next 48 hours and left us alone aboard a floating hotel room, that was stocked to cater to our every whimsical need. It was breathtaking and I was amazed at your romantic ingenuity at arranging all of this, to celebrate a very special occasion. How glad I am that you had at least given me some notice and so, my three-day visit to a local Spa beforehand, had been so worth maxing my credit card, as I had never felt more inclined to wear the skimpy bikinis you had included in the gift as the only permissible items of attire for the duration of our stay.

The exploring done of the vessel, we found the champagne on ice and platter of fruit and cheese. The rear (port or stern?) was decked in loungers and we enjoyed the sunset over the distant horizon. The conversation was light and varied you were very good at keeping things casual, as you know that even after a few times together already, I am still apprehensive due to the circumstances surrounding our stolen time together. Fingers and chins dripping with the juice of the fruit and spills of champagne, from feeding one another, a swim is most definitely in order.

The water is chilly for a split second on our skins as we dive in and surface into each others arms. Your strong legs keep us buoyant as I cling to you; arms around your neck and body up close against yours. Water droplets on your face, glisten in the fading light and my kisses make short work of a few of them the salty taste foreign to my mouth. Needing little invitation, your mouth takes mine and the saltiness is soon forgotten, as our own saliva neutralises the taste and replaces it with what is familiar the texture of your tongue finding mine, the feel of your teeth as I trace them with my tongue and the caverns of your mouth you allow me to explore once again. Starting to tire, you unceremoniously dunk me in mid-kiss, causing me to flounder and necessitate a rescue you are such a schemer!

The floor of the deck bites into my back as you position me for your version of mouth to mouth resuscitation. For the amount of attention my mouth does get, I would have been dead already, as your lips quickly leave to follow the water trail down to the valley between my breasts. You nuzzle at the wet material covering each crest, until your mouth finds a hard nipple begging both warmth against the evening chill and your amorous attention. While one is caressed by your lips and tongue, the other is satisfied with a hand, although through the remnants of damp material. However, impatiently you expertly get rid of the obstacle. You then continue and leisurely take your time, making the sensations stirring inside me wait in anticipation, of what I know is to come.

The open sky above me darkens in what seems to be an eternity, before I feel your mouth and hand move away from my breasts and excruciatingly traverse the distance, past my belly button, down to the triangle of red between my legs. Fingers dive beneath and find damp curls of hair and the warm moisture created by the feel of your body playing over mine. Your mouth, more subtly, caresses from above the cloth until out of my own, I reach down to untie the strings on either side, letting the bottom melt away. Although I know we are nautical miles away from prying eyes, I cannot help but feel exposed and oh, so very naked, lying there on the wooden boards with you, now between my open legs. As if sensing my sudden hesitation, your one hand comes up to grip mine, in a trusting bond of reassurance.

In that moment of emotional and physical relaxation, your mouth swoops in and you kiss me right where I am at my most vulnerable and guarded, in certain situations, as my other talents belie my obvious inexperience. You keep your mouth still, to let me catch my breath and as the tension in my thighs abate and the instantaneous vice-grip on your hand lessens, your tongue emerges from between your teeth and you take the first single lick. That in itself is enough to let my passion floodgates open and it is as if a whole different woman miraculously lies beneath you. Of their own accord, my legs widen and I open myself to you. Needing no further encouragement, you lose yourself within me and your tongue swims to find the places of pleasure, you alone know to be there. Your hand is freed so that I can take your head in mine and hold you close, scared you might leave too soon and not finish what you have started. One of your arms comes under my bum, to further offer me upwards to you and the effect on my body is mind-blowing and beyond description...... but I will try.

My body feels weightless; I drift between waves of consciousness that I can almost look down onto myself and see what it is that you are doing to me; every nerve ending is screaming, especially right there, as you have now allowed the fingers of your free hand to join in with what your mouth and tongue are doing; the feelings are so antagonistic, that I do not know if I want to pass out or cum!! I never realised it was possible to feel like this...

After what seems to be an eternity, my body convulses with the most intense pleasure contractions that leave me spent and your face and hand covered in the fluids of my passion that you have evoked. It takes a while for my senses to return to normal, and you contently lie, with your head on my tummy and your arms holding me, seeming to take pleasure from mine. I move to get up and with a gentlemanly gesture, you scoop me up into your arms and jump off the back of the boat, into the water. The chill of water on my skin sharply realigns my consciousness and we frolic together in the joy of spending this precious time together.

The night has fallen and the only light offered to us, is that of the celestial heavens above. Refreshed in body and soul, we climb aboard and I go below to get us towels and refreshments. On my return, you are effortlessly lounging on one of the deck recliners and the sight of your beautiful body almost takes my breath away. No matter how often I see you naked, it amazes me as to how it makes me feel that tickle in the pit of my being; the rising warmth as the blood rushes to certain parts, besides making me blush at my instantaneous thoughts and the insurmountable urge that I have to touch you. I walk towards you, also still naked (the scrap of bikini a distant memory, as well as my inhibitions.) Handing you a glass of bubbling champagne and the platter of expertly prepared snacks, I kneel beside you, placing a folded

fluffy towel to protect and soften my stance.

Why are you grinning?

Take that smug look off your face!

Oh, I am so going to blow that smile off your face!

But, I am smiling myself, knowing full well that within only a few short moments, your facial expression will change to reflect the pleasure I am going to bestow on you.

Using both hands to take up my wet hair into a makeshift knot, I lean over your lap and encouragingly kiss you on your Tip (your lips are wet with champagne!) Did you just choke? Serves you right! To emphasize my point, I run my closed mouth back and forth over your semi-rigid length, as you are very quickly becoming aroused. This is so enjoyably easy!

I use one hand to take you into my palm so that I can manipulate you both with fingers and lips. I vary the pressure, the pace and the gap between my lips, working you with both hand and mouth, so that you harden and start to throb. I hear the champagne glass and platter being placed down onto the deck, as you have obviously lost the urge to eat or drink. I feel you settle back into the lounger and one of your hands come to lie gently cupping my head, fingers curling into my damp hair, willing my head to stay where it is. Your breathing is also starting to change and I wonder if that smile is still evident, but I cannot see your face.

I know that you could let me do this all night, but my knees were not designed for this position, so it is time to bring you to release. With greater determination, my mouth opens and with my hand, I slowly guide your hardness in between my moist lips, past my slightly gapping teeth so as just to graze you and, you pass deeper into the warm and wet cavernous depths until we are completely joined. With your hand now grabbing my hair, serving to almost remotely control your own pleasure, you guide me in my movements. Soon I taste your recognizable passion juice prior to your eruption and so I excruciatingly slowly slide off you, but simultaneously engulf you with both hands, so that the sensation of being embedded inside is not lost, although I know it is not exactly the same. To compensate, I substantially increase the pace and with a double embrace, make you cum so that it is necessary that we are going to have to swim all over again!

You smiling?

We will have to see what we can do about that later, as there is a bed on this yacht, that this girl, has only ever dreamed about.