Written by Brianblackgp

19 Feb 2017

I cant wait to lean in and kiss you as you kiss me back. Making out like high school kids. Taking my time, exploring your soft, supple body with my hands. I slide my fingers over your thighs and under the blouse, touching your breasts and playing with your nipples.

You could undress me first. As we kiss..fingers unbuttoning my shirt as I feel the cool touch of your hands on my chest. Eventually, both stark naked....I untie your robe and lie you back on the bed.

I use my mouth to cover your whole body in wet kisses as you lie on the bed, from your neck to your knees, and then back up again. When I get near your hips, you writhe in anticipation, but I take my time.

You roll on to her front and get on your knees. I kiss the back of your thighs and began to lick the edges of your exposed pussy. Just little flicks at first, soon dragging my tongue from her clit to the bottom of her wet slit. I eat you from behind for several minutes, enjoying the feeling of finally tasting a woman I've thought about for so long.

But I know you want more.. So do I. I cup my tongue around your clit one last time. As you moan, signaling you are ready....I push inside you; your soaked pussy eagerly accepting my cock and bathing it in warm, natural juices.

I take my time, letting you do the work as you are bent over on the bed before me. You bounce off my hips, each time taking my full length inside over and over again. Each time letting out of a soft whimper.

Turning on your side, i hug one of your thick thighs and push it into you..deeper than before. My strokes slow and deliberate, forceful and purposeful as my free hand teases your clit.....

.....to be continued in person......