Written by Ulima

11 Aug 2016

I was stuck in a hotel room for four week. Bored, lonely and horny. I ordered room service. As the waiter came to in, he found me in a short white towel. I stood up to show him where to put the food. I then dropped the towel and walked straight towards him. He was shy and scared to look. I asked him to look ..... allowed him to touch. ....I then kissed him, and promised him a night of his life .... whispering in his ears ...... that I'd suck him ...... fuck him and he'd cry like a kid.... I then I invited him to come back after his shift ...... he came back still shy .... I open porn on my laptop just to arouse him ...... it was a short porn ....... I then started touching myself let him watch me play with my nipples and clit. He moaned ..... I told him not to be shy .... dare him to be a man and fuck me ..... dance a bit for him. Told him if he's not man enough he must go and let me fuck his brave colleagues. That was the push ...... he grabbed me hard and fuck me rough, harder, faster, quicker. I told him that I wanted more. I begged for more mmmmmm .... he got more power to push ..... damm we were both moaning and talking dirty. As I was about to come, I wake up to realise that it was a wet dream. I was alone in my big hotel room ......