Written by A1way5Horny

21 Jun 2014

He approaches me from behind. I can feel his hard penis throbbing in the small of my back. He's hands gently sliding down the side of my body. Sweat forms on my palms and my breathing gets heavier. I feel the desire burning in me like hot coals in my body. I feel his warm breathe in my neck and the slow soft moaning coming from his lips. He hand pulls down the zipper on my dress and it falls in a heap to my feet. Exposing my already hard nipples aicing for him.

He's hands come around and cup my breast while his lips and tongue finds there own way in my neck. His fingers pinching and tucking at my rock hard nipples. He whispers in my ear that he wants me. He wants to explore every part of my body with his tongue.

His hand slides down and gently start rubbing me threw my panties. Slowly moving with fingers disappearing between my wet swollen lips. I want him so bad. He turns me to face him and his lips meet mine. He guides my hand to his rock hard penis already wet at the tip. I grasp it and slowly follow up and down movements. Hearing him moan gently. He rips of my panties and push me to the couch. Kneeling infront of me he opens my legs exposing my already wet lips. My clitoris throbbing with desire. He takes my legs and drape them over his shoulder. I feel his warm tongue disappearing between by swollen lips. The plessure makes me arch my back. Moans following moans on end. I push he's head down ordering him to eat me. He gently bites my clit while sliding his fingers deep in me. I feel my first orgasm building and ask him not to stop. I hear his moans as he eats me and the sound of my wet ness on his lips. He's tongue carrying me away to places I have never been.. He turns me around and slide his already dripping penis deep inside me. Gently he starts , teasing, I sink my nails into the couch. He's rithym picks up and I feel his torso hitting against my buttocks. He takes me hard and deep. I can no longer controle my self and I scream and shiver as my orgasm over takes me. Pulling my hair back I hear him moan and I know his ready to explode. He turns me around and leaves his wet come all over my chest. I sit forward and clinch his buttocks while licking the last traces of a heavenly night of his sensitive penis. He leans in and kiss me. And I know its true.