Written by AngeliqueB

09 Apr 2014

The scenery was everything that you said it would be, and more - this is your part of the country - the rolling bush-covered hills; small sparsely populated villages ; the open dusty, gravel roads that stretch endlessly ahead of us. The air, although warm and for me, uncharacteristically dry, is filled with the scent of nature and it changes constantly with the passing views and vegetation; even some earthy manure smells at times, but strangely not unpleasant. Stopping occasionally to rehydrate with the chilled water from the cooler box in one of the panniers and the odd snack, there is a chance for closeness, regardless of the protective gear we were wearing. These pit stops offer us the chance to stand together, off the bike; to refresh our weary muscles and take in our surroundings, as well as each other - the kisses having to wait for the helmets to be removed first.

Riding with you, on the bike, is always thrilling - unity in motion; two-up on a powerful 1200cc machine, expertly driven over rough terrain at speed, requiring both trust and confidence in the ability of the rider and pillion in each other. Communicating via blue-tooth headsets, our conversations vary from what we can see and admire; to managing difficult areas of track (even some tweespoor) and, as to how we are feeling, being together once again, after some considerable time apart. It never fails to amaze me, as to how it all comes back so naturally - instinct almost - Stand Up; Look Up; and Open Up!!!

Even though I know that this is supposed to be all about the journey, the destinations always means something that much more special - intimate time for us to share alone. So, when we finally arrive at the lodge, after a good few hours and kilometres of travelling, the knowledge of what awaits, fills me with anticipation and excitement and, not only for that long, hot, well-deserved shower!!

Our private chalet is set secluded, within the bush and, as the bike is securely parked for now, we are transported by golf cart, together with our minimal luggage, to our weekend getaway. As always, it is beautiful and you have an uncanny knack for choosing the places that you know will fulfil my every desire and both our fantasies. The space we enter is surprisingly large for just two people and walking in, gives one a feeling of luxurious serenity; this is sorely needed, to escape both our hectic, stressful and different lives and offer us, a brief moment in time, for solace and illicit love.

The taking off of the riding kits neck braces, padded jackets, especially the pants and the boots, always laughingly, serves to break the tension that arises between us, as we near the end of the road. Even in our riding underwear (I dress for comfort and not speed to ride the bike) the glances exchanged are sultry and our eyes glimmer with lust, but the dust and grim needs to be washed away first and we are both fully aware, as to how pleasurable the cleansing experience in itself, can be; IF we can just hold out until then. The bathroom is every square-meter as gorgeous as the rest of the bedroom and we both, take in the double bath in front of a huge floor-to-ceiling window, that brings the grassland outside, inside we would almost be bathing in a waterhole of our own. Forgetting the shower for once, you start a bath, using up all, the foam bath, at once.

Climbing into the bubble bath together, we naturally end up sitting with my back up against your chest. The peace that descends upon us at that moment, epitomises our long-lasting relationship and, as I lean back against you and your arms encircles my waist, it feels like I have Come Home. We sit in silence, as we realise that we are once again together; this time for a whole weekend and there is no rush we have a whole two nights together, before having to make the journey back to reality.

Closing my eyes, the sigh that escapes my lips tells you how wonderful I feel at this precise instant and you bring you lips to place a lingering kiss in my neck; each of your hands moves up to cup their own breast familiarly moulding your hands around the shape of me and feeling my hardening nipples pressing back into your palms. Time passes as we enjoy the feel of each others bodies, as my hands have found your strong thighs, one on either side of mine and their gentle stroking, promises delights yet to come. Suddenly, sliding down into the water, I sit up with wet hair and you automatically reach for the shampoo. Lathering a liberal amount into my long hair, you wash it with practised ease, knowing that it is one of my favourite ways of being treated. A firm head massage that lasts a while is relaxing beyond any salons offering and, on occasion, your hands stray to my neck, shoulders and even around to more tempting mounds of flesh. Slipping again beneath the water between your legs, I rinse off the suds and emerge to find you washing your own hair.

With an agility belying my age, I turn in the bath to face you and still between your legs with mine draped over your hips, and take up the task of washing your hair for you in return for having washed mine. The chance to touch you is enthralling. The feel of your hair between my fingers; long enough now to get a grip, is intoxicating and my hands explore - your ears, their shell-shape; your strong forehead; your defined eyebrow ridges; your perfect nose (promise no soap in your eyes) and the outline of your lips. The start of a moustache and the stubble on your cheeks, are a roughness under my hands that I remember and frequently long for you have purposefully not shaved for more than a week. Your eyes darken with my lingering touch and I cannot resist leaning forward for a kiss. A brief one, as you taste of soap!!!

Our bathing continues with intimate cleaning of both our own and each others bodies, as we wash away the miles, but also reacquaint ourselves with what we know to be there. As the night outside darkens and the water cools, we step out of the bath and dry ourselves with big, fluffy, white towels; cocooning ourselves and me, having to wrap up my wet hair, we finish our first romantic act, setting the scene for so much more. Bare feet we enter the bedroom, where invisible night staff have brought in champagne and put it on ice, together with some covered plates of food, as well as having turned back the bed and readied the room with candles...... wonder what they thought of the sounds from the bathroom?

Popping the bottles cork, brings excited giggles and I make myself comfortable in the middle of the enormous percale-covered bed; cross-legged, I wantonly and on purpose, allow the towel to slip open and fall down to my waist. The movement does not go unnoticed, as you over fill the first glass of champagne..... Oh, you are so easy, but I so love that. With just a towel around your waist, you are a sight for sore eyes and you stir within me, such feelings of love and desire, that for a moment it feels like I am struggling to breathe you have always had that effect on me; from the first moment I saw you from across a crowded room. Sipping champagne, we take in the ambiance of where we are and silently both wish that it could last forever.

You reach for my glass and set it down, together with yours and just the look in your eyes, tell me that the time has come for what we have both been waiting for, since you picked me up outside my house this morning. Casually and without a hint of shyness, you drop your towel and stand naked in front of me, knowing full well, that I want time to take in my fill of your body imprinting what I see, into my mind for keeps. Your broad chest with is fine smattering of salt n pepper hair; your waistline still well defined, as you keep in good shape; those strong thighs I felt earlier in the bath and of course, the part of you that does more than take my breath away. I am equally unabashed at looking at your naked length, as it slowly starts to harden, as you watch me taking in the awesome sight of you that, I know, arouses you too.

Leaning forward, you tug at my towel, pulling if from around and under me and throwing it to meet yours on the floor. This leaves me in turn, naked before you and you slowly reciprocate with a lingering glance over my body, as your hands unceremoniously grip my ankles and slowly pull me towards you, so that I come to lie below and in front of you; spread across the sheets, with my legs hanging over the edge of the bed. Your glance sets fire to my skin and you bend over me, supporting yourself without touching my body, on your muscular arms, so that you can give me a fleeting, but stay put kiss, on my mouth. My arms lift up to try and hold you, but you move away too quickly and I feel your warm breath trail down my body. A gasp escapes my lips and I twitch compulsively, by reflex action, as I feel your lips on my tummy, just below my belly button. A long, slow, wet kiss with the tip of your tongue leaves a trail of moisture, as you transverse the space from hip bone to hip bone, side to side with your mouth. Kneeling now between my legs that you have nudged apart with your body, your hands gently take hold of each of my thighs in turn and you start a journey with a destination in mind, all of your own......

Lying back into the softness of the bed, I feel my body tense with expectation and apprehension, as even after all this time, what you are about to do, remains for me an experience beyond unparalleled unconsciousness I want to pass out from sheer, unadulterated, sensual pleasure!! Your lips make their way to the crease of skin at the top of my leg and, no matter how hard I try, my body unwillingly betrays and opens itself, like a morning flower looking for the sun, to the administrations of your mouth. My hands grip the bedding in fistfuls and with the first kiss, on the inside of my one thigh, it is as if my body defies and overrules the control of my mind, and I start to feel like I am floating above myself (but, too scared to look down.)

Paying fair and equal attention to the inside of each thigh in turn and the area outside of my pubic hairline, which is always neatly trimmed, you slowly close the circle of kisses and make your way to where it is now wet and warm with desire and need. What you proceed to do with your mouth, tongue and fingers, gradually drives me completely senseless literally out of my mind; insane and, the unladylike moans and wriggling, belie my need to stay composed and in control. This, is the one time that you are always able to get me to lose all my inhibitions and let my body take ultimate and complete enjoyment, from what you have so selflessly to give. One of your hands reassuring lies on my tummy, almost consoling, as you know what it takes for me to give myself to you like this......

With your face and one hand at the very centre of my womanhood, I feel from deep within me, a rising eruption that comes in waves of ecstasy; that leaves me weak and spent and you, aware of my orgasm in no uncertain terms. You allow me time to savour the feelings and with gentle strokes and kisses, calm me. Rising from your place between my splayed legs, your move up over my body and come to kiss me on my mouth, so that I can taste myself on you in my love-inebriated state, a taste that I have grown accustomed to. Your tongue mimics what you did below and a new stirring begins.

Between my legs, my juices make your entry into my depths effortless and your arousal, complete from having brought me to climax, is hard and throbbing; now urgently demanding its own satisfying release. Lifting your head so that we can look into each others eyes, few words are necessary and the emotions we feel, are mirrored in them. You move into me with deep, slow thrusts until I am filled with you and my legs come up to grip your waist; my arms around your neck, holding you ever so close. You stop for a moment, savouring the feeling of being inside me, before you start your onslaught that will bring your body to a pulsating ejaculation of such intensity, that it brings tears to my eyes having you touch my core and which, leaves us both gasping and covered in sweat.

As our beating hearts return to a normal rate; our bodies cool from the evaporation of moisture from our skin; and, the night sounds surround us, we relish what we have just experienced, as well as the knowledge, that this is just the beginning of an adventure with so much more to cum......

Now I am hungry!!! Where is the food!!!