Written by BrianBlack

03 Nov 2016

Her email to me read like this...

'.After you dropped me off, i got settled and had dressed down now..all alone at my place...I took my thong off and sat on the bed.

I needed to cum. I needed to cum so badly. My pussy was throbbing from thinking about you Brian.

I laid back on the bed, letting my legs fall open. I rubbed my clit with the vibrating dildo. I was so wet!! Fuck!

I imagined you in uniform, duty belt on and all, fucking me from behind in my office. I wanted the lights on, so everyone down below could watch you pound my pussy up against my desk. I imagined your dick thrusting in and out and making me scream explode all around it.

Oh damn. ( ...im rubbing my left breast as i type this....)

I inserted the dildo inside my pussy, letting it sing as my juices came running out. I closed my eyes, pushing the toy in deeper, taking it out and fucking myself.

I imagined you forcing me on my knees, making me clean your dick off with my mouth. I wanted you to throat fuck me so bad. I wanted you to stand over me, looking me in the eyes as I sucked every inch of you. I imagined spitting on his it, licking it up, shoving it to the back of my throat, never breaking eye contact with you. I want to watch your eyes go to the back of your head, your head lean back as you exploded in my mouth. I wanted to drink your cum. I wanted you to cum deep in my mouth, not letting any of it drip out. I wanted to swallow every drip of you. I wanted to suck on your balls, rub them on my face, making you moan and groan in pure ecstasy....

The more I thought about it, the wetter my pussy got. I picked up the rhythm with the dildo. Fucking myself mercilessly. I used my left hand and licked my finger before sticking it in my ass. I loved double penetration. I loved having a dick inside me and a finger in my ass or vice versa. The idea of you Biran fucking my holes, with your finger in the other turned me on even more. I felt the orgasm coming and I needed a release so bad. I needed my pussy to throb around your dick.

OH SHIT! I yelled as my finger went deeper into my ass. I couldnt concentrate on which hole I wanted violated more. I just knew I needed to cum.

FFFUUUUUCCCKKKK I screamed finally cumming and squirting on my sheet.

I lay there for a moment, out of breath, staring at the ceiling.

I turned the vibrator off, removed it out of my pussy and yawned, a sign of a good orgasm, before getting in the shower.

All im saying is, the dinner was amazing and i cant wait to see you again B