Written by AngeliqueB

23 Mar 2014

That feeling when you are not sure if you are awake or still dreaming.......

The bed moves and I feel you shift closer. An arm comes around my waist and a hand finds its way to one of my breasts, fingers and palm gently cupping. Your face in my neck, your chest against my back, my bum in your groin, your knees bend into mine, your lower legs entwined in mine - we fit perfectly from top to toe!

"Are you awake?" you whisper. "Uh, uh," I mumble, but my hand comes to cover yours on my breast, giving it a slight squeeze, indicating to you that I am and I provocatively wiggle my bum closer. Your lips kiss a line to the back of my ear and your tongue explores the back of the lobe. I can hear you taking in breaths of my hair's fragrance, as your nose buries in its soft curls. Your hand gently massages my breast, until the nipple is hard and pressing into your palm. My hand stays covering yours, as you knead me awake.

In turn, I can feel your arousal in the small of my back. Its growing hardness pressing against me and with each body movement you make, it rubs enticingly against my skin, asking to be touched. To feel you like this, first thing in the morning, while still half asleep, is the best way to wake up. Especially on a Sunday morning, when there is no rush to have to get up and leave to go to wor.

Caressing your length in my hand only serves to arouse us both further. Your hand leaves its breast and trails downwards, pausing to circle my belly button, before continuing to where I am beginning to feel an increasing and overpowering desire to be to be touched by you. Not even waiting for you to reach your intended destination, I push backwards with my body, so that we come to lie on our backs beside each other; me still slightly resting on your side. I wantonly widen my legs, so that my need is evident; a knee and thigh resting on your legs beside me.

We lie there, in the dawning light. It is quiet and there is no need to talk. We take mutual enjoyment in exploring each other's body. Your fingers tickle, rub and slide between my legs and teasingly dip into my hot wetness from time to time. My hand lovingly strokes at an ever-changing pace and firmness, until you are also wet from the pre-cum oozing from you tip, lubricating my movements. Soon, it is more than each can bear, so your hand comes and lifts my thigh higher to your waist, pulling me sideways up over your groin; our bodies parting to form a V. I reach between my legs to find your cock, now hard and throbbing and place you, so that as you turn on your side towards me, you glide inside me.

The feeling as you enter and fill me, is so exhilarating from all the foreplay, that my muscles ripple around your shaft and I tell you urgently that I am going to cum very quickly. You had better make a plan! I am so a morning-person! Needing no further encouragement and being as equally excited, you grab hold of my shoulder, pulling me into you and you deeper into me. My hands moves to take your bum, so that we are both helping to rock our bodies, back and forth. With every thrust it feels as if you touch my womanly core; you are so far inside me and your rasping breaths tell me that you can feel it too. Although I want it to last forever, I cannot anymore .......

Lifting my leg now higher, you move in for your final onslaught and you lift your body, arms braced on either side of me, so that you can look at me as I cum in slow pleasurable spasms. That, is sufficient for you to explode and I watch now, as your face shows what it is that you feel when you cum inside me, with spurting jerks that deposit warm liquid within me. Time stops as we watch the changing facial expression of desire and satisfaction on each other's faces. You lean down to kiss me. Your mouth calms my body with its sensual touch, as my arms come up to around your neck, holding you close. Our bodies still locked together, I can feel you subsiding within me .....

Good Morning!